Our 5 Step Lobby Sign Design Process!

Our 5 Step Lobby Sign Design Process!

The lobby signs Fort Worth business owners commission are among their most important signage decisions. These markers have the power to create expectations in their clients that staff members are then poised to fulfill. At the same time, these products explain things about the company without putting them into words. Not surprisingly, designing a lobby sign is an involved process. We use a distinct five-step approach for success.

1. Material Choice (Design)

Our 5 Step Process to Lobby Sign Fabrication in Fort Worth

Did you know that you have a wide variety of material choices? There are metals, plastics, foam and material combinations to consider. When you want to go for something that is a bit more unusual, you might select glass or bamboo. To help you choose the right material for your branding message, we visit your location and take into account the fabrics, colors and textures you are currently using in the reception area. This is also a good time to discuss your budget. Some materials are more costly than others.

2. Design Customization

Lobby Sign Design Proofs Fort Worth

When ten clients order a metal lobby sign, do all products look the same? No, of course not! With the help of design customization, your signage will be as unique as your company. We customize your product to include (or omit) your motto, niche explanation and other data your clients find valuable.

3. Color Customization

Colors for Lobby Signs in Fort Worth

Once you have decided on the material and design, it is time to work on the color palette. Most of our clients like us to use the same color combination that they display on their websites. Nevertheless, some like the idea of being a bit different. In these cases, they may ask us to use colors to create a fun, sophisticated or high-impact impression. We work with you to get the right colors for your setup.

4. Professional Installation

Lobby Sign Installation

Our professionals visit your location again when the lobby sign is manufactured and ready for installation. In some cases, lightweight letters are easy to attach directly to the wall. Acrylic boards, on the other hand, look much better after being installed with offsets. Still other markers may call for anchoring. We discuss ahead of time what the most likely installation solution will be. We gladly time our arrival to coincide with a time that is not busy for your office.

5. Our Listen-Think-Solve Process

Lobby Signs Fort Worth

This process is unique to Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We train our employees to use it whenever we work on a lobby sign design Fort Worth business community members bring us. The first step is to listen to our client with an aim to understand that which is said as well as that which remains unsaid. In this manner, we get a firm grip on the goals you have for your sign. Next, we think about the types of materials, colors and manufacturing styles that will ideally suit your requirements. There is more to signage design than merely putting together materials; it is also about setting and fulfilling expectations. During the solving phase of the process, we combine our expertise with your requirements to solve the issue that you bring to us. Whether you want a sign that calms patients or puts clients into a buying mood, we are ready to serve you.

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