Most Popular Types of Lobby Signs for Arlington TX

Most Popular Types of Lobby Signs for Arlington TX

The lobby signs Arlington, TX, business owners select for their offices are as varied as the markers they pick for the exterior of the building. Each sign must communicate the company’s approach to doing business as well as its branding message that evokes certain feelings and attitudes in the consumer. This is a tall order. That said, the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs have looked over the lobby marker orders we have been getting and narrowed them down to the three most popular types.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs Arlington TX

The beauty of acrylic letters is difficult to match. The material is durable, easy to clean and retains its good look for years if not decades. Since it is possible to paint acrylic in any color that you envision, they are particularly useful for those companies that imagine the use of a colorful design and perhaps the addition of some color changes.

For example, did you know that it is possible to combine paint with digital print to create images within the lettering itself? This approach has served quite a few of our most successful business clients. Since acrylic lettering comes in a variety of depths, your marker presentation can be as dramatic as you like. Easily underscore this look with lighting features.

Metal Letters

Metal Letter Lobby Signs Arlington TXWhat acrylic brings to the table with respect to color, metal supplants with a branding appeal. Consumers associate the metal of a lobby marker with a company’s commitment to staying in business for a long time. Metal also invokes feelings trust, respect and authority. Since it is more expensive than other signage materials, it also hints at a company’s overall fiscal wellbeing.

Of course, not all that glitters is indeed gold. The humble aluminum is a budget-friendly material that is easy to paint in any hue you like. Make it look like brass, gold or satin-finished stainless steel. Applying metal laminate to a foam product cuts the cost of the metal component. With the help of expert painting, it is virtually impossible to detect where the foam begins and the metal ends.

Acrylic Logo Panels

Acrylic Logo Panel Lobby Signs Arlington TX

The reception area office signs Arlington, TX, business owners choose when they want to combine functionality with art are undoubtedly acrylic logo panels. These panels run the gamut from plain one-panel designs with vinyl overlays to multi-panel works of art that feature acrylic and/or metal lettering. We have worked extensively with clients whose idea of a lobby marker was actually the combination of large wall art with the display of a name and logo. Acrylic panels make this vision a reality.

So, how do you know what type of lobby sign is ideal for your business? Do you choose from the most popular products? On the other hand, do you instead go off the beaten path for a completely different look and appeal? Call us today for more information on the creation of reception area signage as well the various options that might interest you the most. We work with you to realize your vision and create the type of marker that brands and markets your company.