McDonald Law Firm’s New Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign!

McDonald Law Firm’s New Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign!

Making the right impression right away is a must when installing lobby signs for law firms in Fort Worth. The markers must express confidence, capability and a forward-thinking attitude while also conveying warmth and compassion. This was the case when the McDonald Law Firm called Cowtown Graphics & Signs on a Friday. The office manager told us that the firm was expanding and relocating a larger venue. The finishing touches were being put on the new location but the firm needed a lobby sign – and fast. A critical meeting, which took four long years to broker, was scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks.

Lobby signs for law firms Fort Worth

Would this be a problem for our signage makers? Of course not! We produced multiple proofs with different material and fabrication methods to give the customer an opportunity to choose exactly the right look for the new office. We manufactured the chosen design and finished installation just a short 12 business days after the initial call, which was well before the important meeting would take place. The color of the dimensional letters is a darker blue and gray with a satiny appearance. The letters are mounted directly to the wall. Centered over a sofa and flanked by two attractive lamps, the marker looks like the office was designed around it.

We can change the look and feel of a non-descript reception area for your company as well.

It All Begins with a Site Survey

We visit your office and take in the atmosphere of your setting. Even if the office is not yet finished, we draw clues from the setup of the lobby, the choice of wall colors and the combination of furniture and fabrics. This helps us to present you with sketches that take the unique qualities of your location into account.

Sketches Offer Visual Choices

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Would you prefer a dimensional letter sign? Do you wish for a wall mural? Perhaps you would like a sign that is mounted to an acrylic board? Give us feedback so that we know when we are on the right track for the marker that appeals to you the most.

Material Selection Comes Next

Metal or acrylic laminate, foam or plastic are all viable choices. Depending on the nature of your business, you might think about something that is a bit more extraordinary. Examples include markers made from wood, stone or glass. Moreover, this is a good time to consider the use of unusual signage-making techniques such as routing. Now is also the time to select the colors and decide whether the finishing coat should be matte or glossy. When you have made your selections, we will go ahead and manufacture your customized lobby sign.

Installation Pulls it All Together

Our expert installers visit your location and put up the sign. We ensure that is installed exactly according to your specifications.

If you need a sign that has to be ready quickly, do not assume that it cannot be done. Depending on your material selection and choice of manufacturing technique, we can create your marker faster than you think.