Magic Etc. Refurbishes Rooftop Billboard with Vinyl Lettering!

Magic Etc. Refurbishes Rooftop Billboard with Vinyl Lettering!

Who needs roof signs? Fort Worth niche retailers who have to advertise that they are open year-round! Case in point is Magic Etc. Located at 2007 North Forest Park Boulevard – put this in your GPS, not MapQuest – this store specializes in theatrical props and products. In fact, this store has been in business at this location for the last three decades. To attract shoppers, the store’s owner had installed a double-sided billboard on the roof of the venue. Over the course of the years, the sign had aged and needed an upgrade.

Rooftop billboard signs Fort Worth

This is when Cowtown Graphics & Signs got the phone call. We visited with the owner of Magic Etc. It was decided that we would not install one of the new retail store building signs Fort Worth businesses are buzzing about. Instead, we were asked to expertly refurbish the marker on the roof. No problem! With 50,000 cars driving past this sign on the nearby highway, it is vital that its appearance is eye-grabbing and modern. At the same time, the overhaul had to be cost-effective. We started by taking down the display rails and applying a coat of oil-based yellow paint. We finished the sign with black cut vinyl letters. Now, the sign is not only modern but also highly durable for the next few decades that the store remains open at this location.

Vinyl letters for rooftop signs Fort Worth

Have you been thinking that it is high time to refurbish your rooftop signs in Fort Worth? Have the signs weathered, experienced extensive bird damage and now showcase a style that has been out of fashion for the last decade? If the “bones” of the sign are still good, refurbishing the marker saves you a lot of money. At the same time, this process modernizes your rooftop signage and once again captures the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. (By the way, we can also refurbish all other types of signs.)

How do we do it? Easy!

  • Site evaluation. Our experts come out and evaluate the sign. Cosmetic issues we can fix easily. Structural problems take a bit more work. Even so, if the damage is only superficial, we can usually still stay within your budget. When the damage is extensive and the structure is unsafe or impossible to refurbish, we walk you through the replacement process.
  • Proofs. Once we know how much repair work is needed, we discuss the targeted look. Next, we generate some proofs that show how your refurbished marker could look after we are done. You then select the look that most appeals to you and properly catches your vision.
  • The actual refurbishing. This is the time that we go to work. We replace and reinforce the areas that need to be fixed. We also give the marker a good scrubbing. Whether it is on the roof, your façade or on a pole, the sign needs to be clean and debris-free before we can upgrade its looks. This is particularly important when you have had birds to some damage. Finally, we bring out the paints or vinyl to expertly give the sign a facelift. You are going to be amazed by the results!

If you have a rooftop building sign and want to make it pop, you are a click away from a free quote!