Kaleo Community Church Invites All with Custom Lobby Sign!

Kaleo Community Church Invites All with Custom Lobby Sign!

Meeting at 3011 Arrow Lane in Sansom Park, the Kaleo Community Church has a program for the whole family. Serving the neighborhood of Saginaw/Northwest Fort Worth, this faith community focuses on missions work as well as sharing the gospel locally. Opening its doors and arms to members and those curious about Christianity from all walks of life, the church has experienced steady growth. When it came time to commission a lobby sign that would welcome worshippers and guests, the church contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Custom Lobby Signs for Churches in Saginaw, TX

Custom Lobby Signs for Churches Saginaw and Fort Worth TX

When faith communities rent space rather than own a building, the choice of a movable lobby sign is crucial. In addition, this type of marker should give a glimpse of the attitude that reigns in the faith community. The Kaleo Community Church has chosen blue and white as its colors. Shaped like a comic book speech bubble, the name of the church is spelled out in white against a blue backdrop.

The marker installs with offsets. Although its appearance differs slightly from the look of the name and logo the faith community has chosen on its website, all the style elements are there, which greatly resonates with those visitors who come after checking out the church online.

Reaching out to the Community

Faith communities of all types seek to embrace the communities they serve. Signage is an excellent way of conveying this message to those who are just walking by or those who are visiting for the first time. In addition, the faithful who need a little encouragement also take comfort in having the values of the group displayed with the right type of reception area signage. How do you achieve the right look?

  • Material selection. When your faith community values its deep roots in the community and long-standing record of serving generations of faithful members, using metal is a good way of communicating the longevity of the group. Achieve a contemporary look with acrylic or PVC signage. For that small-town look and feel, consider a routed wood or HDU marker.
  • Color choices. What is the look of your group’s name and logo online? It is always a good idea to take inspiration from this appearance since it helps first-time guests to feel at home when they recognize your look. Gold and similar metal tones, blue hues and multiple shades of brown are commonly seen in this setting.
  • Mounting options. When you rent a space and need to have a removable sign that you can store in between property uses, consider the use of eyehooks and similar mounts that are easy to put up and take down. Shingle-style mounts are another option. You might also consider the use of offsets. When you are at a permanent location, it is possible to mount lightweight dimensional letters directly to the wall.

Choosing Your Signage Today

Talk to our friendly professionals today for more information about the right types of welcome signs for churches in Saginaw, TX, and its surrounding areas. We work with the graphics that you already have or gladly create a sign setup from scratch.