It’s New Building and Wayfinding Signs for C&O Equipment!

It’s New Building and Wayfinding Signs for C&O Equipment!

Located at 3445 South Burleson Road, the C&O Equipment Company rents a broad range of equipment solutions for the construction industry and related businesses. Those in the market for purchasing or servicing the equipment also know to contact this company. When it came time to add the right exterior building signs for industrial companies in North Texas, the C&O Equipment Company contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Industrial Signage Assists with Wayfinding

Industrial business building signs North Texas

Because of the nature of the business, the property operated by the C&O Equipment Company is large. To ensure that first-time visitors do not feel lost, the company’s management team decided to add wayfinding signage in the form of exterior building markers. A large aluminum panel identifies the name of the business and its niche.

A smaller panel features the logo and points to the service and receiving area of the complex. A blade marker points out this information by standing out from the building and addressing those driving up from two directions. It is now easy for consumers who are returning equipment or bringing in equipment for servicing to find the right locations for their tasks.

Why Wayfinding Matters

Shipping and receiving blade signs North Texas

Company owners know that consumers loathe the idea of not finding the right place to go to. It is one of the most commonly mentioned consumer complaints. A business that operates a location where consumers routinely get lost or cannot find their ways around with ease will soon experience a drop in customer numbers.

Yet there are other reasons for ensuring the installation of proper wayfinding signage as well. Safety is one of the most serious concerns. In an industrial setting, you do not want consumers to approach areas that may be off limits to them. For example, having pedestrians visit a loading dock is never a good idea.

Signage Options

Aluminum Panel Building Signs North Texas

Combining a company sign with a wayfinding marker is easier than you think.

  • Post and panel signage. These products come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some models may be used to combine a monument sign’s functions with those of wayfinding markers complete with directional arrows. Place them in front of your venue or near the entrance of the parking lot.
  • Logo panels. These attach directly to the façade of your building. They can be as large as you like and display your business’ name and logo as well as any wayfinding messages you need to ensure public safety.
  • Hanging signage. Shingles hung from eyehooks or blade markers sitting at right angles to the buildings assist with wayfinding. Add your logo and name for the branding message.

When you are ready to discover the exterior building and wayfinding signs for industrial companies in North Texas that might be right for your business as well, call our graphic artists for assistance. We collaborate with your management team to design and install the right signage types that make navigating even the largest and most complex properties a snap. We work with your graphics, incorporate your colors and can add any style elements that you desire.