How to Get a Sign Permit for Arlington TX

How to Get a Sign Permit for Arlington TX

If you are – quite literally – ready to hang out a shingle and declare your company open for business, it is time to acquaint yourself with Arlington’s signage permitting process. In order to ensure signage safety and prevent the erection of eyesores that detract from the attractive nature of a neighborhood, city officials reserve the right to approve or deny sign permits prior to the actual installation of the item.

Q: What does it take to file a sign permit Arlington, TX, officials will approve?

A: The sign permitting process for Arlington, TX, calls for the submission of an application that includes detailed plans for the look and installation location of the marker. A fee must also be included with the application. Once a completed application is turned in and approved, you are issued a permit.

Q: Which details do I need to include?

A: Officials want to know what type of sign you are intending to install. Examples include canopy markers, directional or wall signs. If you are working on an existing sign, be clear about the extent of work you anticipate having to complete. This might range from the replacement of a facing to the exchange of a sign cabinet body. Being detail-oriented is a key component of the application process. Officials require you to provide area-specific details that call for measurements of property line setbacks and street frontage.

Q: Can I handle the permitting process by myself?

A: In addition to calling for signage industry expertise when it comes to the description and measurement of the exterior sign that you are proposing, city officials have reserved the right to supply only registered contractors with a sign permit. You may apply for an exception but should be prepared to show good reasons for being unwilling to entrust a city-licensed contractor with the installation of the marker. If the signage application specifies the installation of an electrical marker, an electrical contractor with a valid registration number must be employed. But yes, you could handle the application process yourself – just not take receipt of the permit.

Q: Who can handle the sign permit application for Arlington, TX?

Exterior Building Signs Arlington TX

A: As a general rule of thumb, a high-quality one-stop signage maker is your go-to professional. This applies not just to the permitting process but also to the professional installation and subsequent inspection. If there is a problem along the way, the professional sees to it that it is corrected. Sure, you could take the time, fill out the application, and even do the measurements, but does it not make more sense to just let the professionals handle it?

At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we routinely work with all types of businesses to handle the permitting process for the signage needed. We deal with the sketches, take minute measurements, provide officials with the information required about neighborhood signage details and know – usually ahead of time – what types of signs may be problematic in the area where you are doing business. We save you time and money by proposing signage installations that pass muster quickly. Contact us today for more information on the permitting process and to find out how we can help you get it done.