How Soon Will I Receive My Lobby Sign?

How Soon Will I Receive My Lobby Sign?

How soon will I receive my lobby sign in Fort WorthYou are ready to throw open the doors to your business. All you need to finish the look of your reception area is a customized office sign. You know that the lobby signs Fort Worth business community members keep talking about are vital to the setup of your office; yet does it take long to make these markers? “How soon will I receive my lobby sign,” is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. Here is a little behind-the-scenes look that explains how long it takes – usually – to get the sign to you.

The Initial Consultation

You give the lobby sign consultants at Cowtown Graphics & Signs a call. You have an idea for a marker and discuss your material preferences.

The First Proofs are Completed

Based on your instructions and ideas, we draw up some proofs. These proofs also take into account the material preferences that you have mentioned. If you already have some artwork on hand, we incorporate this material in the proofs. This can be a one-day to two-day process. Sometimes, a customer requests multiple proofs to have different options, which of course takes a bit longer.

We Send You the Proofs for Approval

Lobby signs Fort WorthDo you like what you see? Have we captured your vision for a lobby sign? Do you have second thoughts about the use of foam substrate with metallic laminate and would like to see what the marker could look like if you were to pick painted acrylic that is mounted to a clear acrylic base? This approval process can be completed in as little as one day but may take as long as a week if you want to test-drive different designs. We can only proceed when you are completely happy with the proof.

The Financial Aspects

When you have given us the approval to proceed, we will request a deposit for expenses and materials. As soon as you forward the funds to us, we begin the manufacture of the marker.

Manufacture, Delivery and Installation

How long does it take to make a lobby signMaking the sign can take five to 10 days. It depends on your material choice and intricacy of designs. For example, the spa client who requests a marker to be made from organic bamboo may have to wait a little bit longer until we can locate the appropriate material. If we work with materials that we usually have on hand, such as Gatorfoam or metal laminates, there is no need to wait on materials. Once manufactured and inspected for quality, we make an appointment with you to install the sign. Some companies want us to come in on a weekend day so as not to disturb customers and clients. If your sign is done on a Tuesday, this adds a few days to the time it takes to deliver the marker.

As you can see, you can get your lobby sign in about two to three weeks – sometimes faster. The actual time really depends on multiple factors, some of which are beyond our control. That said, we keep you apprised of our progress and ensure that there are no surprises.