How Custom Can I Get with My Lobby Sign in Arlington TX?

How Custom Can I Get with My Lobby Sign in Arlington TX?

Custom lobby signs for Arlington TXYou already know that the reception area signage has a huge impact on the impression that visiting consumers receive from your office space. When you want to stand out from the competition, be careful in your choice of lobby signs. For Arlington, TX, offices, you might even want to go off the beaten path when it comes to customization.

How Do You Define Customization?

While we can all agree that the basic reception marker is designed as a display of the company’s name and logo, which is to be mounted in an interior setting, the rest of the lobby sign design is fully customizable. This includes the size, the material choice, the actual mounting location and any supporting interior features that help the marker to shine.

What are the Material Options?

Best lobby signs for Arlington TXTried and true options include vinyl, acrylics, aluminum and foam. Usually, the foam lettering is done by companies that are looking for a dramatic three-dimensional effect. The fronts of the foam letters can then be beautified with acrylic or metal laminate facings.

Yet there are other options. Those businesses that are looking for an extraordinary material might choose stone or wood. Both require special treatments and – in the case of stone – a carefully chosen and prepared mounting location. You might also consider combining two or more materials to make a particularly unique impression on visiting consumers.

The combinations of wood and metal, stone and glass, or acrylics and aluminum can be quite eye-catching. Whether you choose a panel-design sign that features one material as the panel and another as the lettering on top, or you go for the mix and match approach that applies to all elements of the lobby marker, your choices are endless.

Wall Murals Shine When You Want Something Completely Different

Wall murals for lobby signs in Arlington TXArlington consumers are getting accustomed to the eccentric. If you feel the need to up the ante, consider getting a full wall mural that incorporates your lobby signage within the artistic rendering of whatever scene you choose. For example, one company might go with a nautical theme and then display the lobby marker as the name of the boat. The trick here is the proper placement of the backdrop so that the sign gets a center billing.

Of course, there are also other types of wall murals to consider. Some businesses have chosen for the mural to become a backdrop that then supports the mounted 3D lobby marker. Once again, the choices that you have in this area are truly remarkable.

How Can I Get a Lobby Sign That Is Just Right?

Affordable lobby signs for Arlington TXYou want to be different, but you do not want to overdo it. You want your lobby signage to be remembered for the right reasons – the wow factor – but not for the wrong reasons that might include an over-the-top design. In short, you need help with putting on the brakes before you go overboard.

The expert lobby sign professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs are well versed with the aesthetic aspects of reception area signage. We gladly discuss your marker needs with you, talk through some different material options and also walk you through possible setups that would be attractive, differentiating and branding all at the same time.