Exterior Signs for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies in DFW

Exterior Signs for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies in DFW

The manufacturing and industrial companies that are doing business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have unique signage needs. Wayfinding is a big part of the signage suites they commission. This is followed directly by safety markers and general building signs. When you need to commission exterior signs for manufacturing plants in DFW, what are your options?

Dimensional Building Signage Translates Well into Lobby Signs

Dimensional letter building signs for Industrial businesses in DFW

The lobby sign welcomes visitors to your venue. You have a broad range of materials that you can choose for this product. That said, many of our business clients prefer to commission lobby signs that are frequently exact scaled down copies of their building markers.

When this sounds like something that you would like to explore, we recommend the use of dimensional letters for the outside. Material choices here include aluminum, sign foam or acrylic. Our graphic artists easily create lobby signs that directly match the appearance of a larger façade marker. For example, Houk Air Conditioning would have no problem seeing its sign scaled down and installed inside its office.

Monument Signs Assist Motorists with Wayfinding

Monument Signs for Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses DFW

One of the most common complaints of motorists is the inability to find the entrance to a manufacturing plant until the driver goes past it. Lonestar Resources was well aware of the need to make it easy for drivers to locate the venue without having to make u-turns to visit the headquarters of the company. This called for the design and installation of a monument.

An excellent visual branding solution, the monument comes in a broad range of sizes and materials. Our experts routinely design, manufacture and install brick and mortar, foam, and aluminum product solutions. We adapt the look of the product to suit your branding materials while also incorporating your marketing message.

Post and Panel Products Further Enhance Easy Navigation of a Commercial Property

Post and Panel Signs for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies DFW

Exterior signs for industrial parks in DFW are not limited to façade-mounted markers. Post and panel signs stand alone and let you include destination information as well as directional arrows to pinpoint the locations that your business clients seek out. For a manufacturing company, this might include the direction to the loading dock, the business office and the receiving area. We always recommend including your name and logo on the top panel.

Doing so enhances name recognition. For example, when you look at the lobby sign for Adept Fasteners, you can imagine that displaying a copy of this marker on an exterior sign greatly enhances wayfinding functions for a first-time visitor to the area. This is of particular importance if you are doing business out of an industrial office park where other companies also open their doors to the public. Confusion is common in these settings but can be avoided with ample wayfinding signage that features your identifying information.

Contact the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs to set up a client consultation appointment. Our experts can help you think through the signage that your venue is still missing to present itself to its Dallas-Fort Worth clientele with all marketing and branding messages in place.