Edge Adhesives Uses Ornamental Post and Panel Sign to Gain Exposure

Edge Adhesives Uses Ornamental Post and Panel Sign to Gain Exposure

Located at 5117 Northeast Parkway in Fort Worth, Edge Adhesives is in the business of selling rubber-based adhesive sealers to the construction and technology sectors. Consumers have discovered this company because of its products that benefit homeowners as well as RV aficionados. The usefulness of putty sealant tape as well as its easy-to-trim version is well-known among the latter. When it came time to add exterior building signs, Fort Worth’s Edge Adhesives contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Be Unique with Post and Panel Monument Signs

Post and panel monument signs Fort Worth

We consulted with the company’s management team. What was needed was a way to provide additional visibility for their offices. Ideally, the company desired a monument sign but did not have the budget allocated for a masonry project. Working with the customer’s budget, we discussed post and panel monument signs. Fort Worth business owners have long been impressed with the versatility that this signage option provides. With the company’s go-ahead and the permits firmly in hand, we went for an extruded cabinet look with a 48-inch by 96-inch facing.

Perfectly mimicking a monument sign, the marker uses the color scheme that consumers are already familiar with from the company’s website. The name and logo are clearly displayed. The same is true for the street location. Set off by a white on green stripe, we added Edge Adhesives’ website address for further contact information. This post and panel marker looks excellent in the location where it is now professionally installed. Have you considered adding this type of signage to your property? Take a closer look at the remarkable versatility of the product.

Monument sign. If a monument sign is what is needed, the post and panel marker setup is fully customizable, budget-friendly and quick to manufacture and professionally install. Decide on a one-sided or two-sided display. In addition to the cabinet look, there are plenty of other styles to consider as well.

Monument Signs Fort Worth

Wayfinding signage. When you operate out of an office building complex or office park, wayfinding is crucial for your customers or clients. Help them to locate you by setting up post and panel signs in the parking lot. There, they clearly mark the direction to the entrance – with an arrow – or to your loading dock, pick-up window or administrative offices.

Building marker. Does your leasing company not allow you to place a sign on the façade of your building? Do not worry! We can create a post and panel setup that perfectly suits your entryway and acts as business sign instead of the more customary channel letter or lightbox cabinet marker. Since illuminated signs are easy to manufacture, consider ordering one that helps your business to stand out after dark. Moreover, heighten your branding presentation by choosing a shape that uniquely identifies your store or company.

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Getting started on your order is quick and easy. Talk to our friendly experts, and invite us out for a site evaluation. We take the measurements, look at the artwork that you already have on file, get instructions about your branding and marketing desires, and also work to discern the perfect color scheme. Next, we create some proofs that show you what your sign could look like. Pick out the one that perfectly encapsulates your vision, and we are ready to get the permits and start manufacture.