Dimensional Letter Store Signs for Fred Meyers Jewelers

Dimensional Letter Store Signs for Fred Meyers Jewelers

Fred Myers Jewelers is a brand that started in 1973 and received a boost in 1999, when the business merged with the Kroger Company. At this time, the jewelry business operates more than 300 branches across the United States. Ensuring that their gems are responsibly mined and that each piece presents the consumer with true value, Fred Myers Jewelers also provide lifetime jewelry care plans. When readying its newest storefront for opening, the company’s management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs for its signage needs.

Dimensional Letter Store Signs for Jewelry Stores in Fort Worth

Dimensional Letter Exterior Signs for Jewelers in Fort Worth

When we visited the location for a site survey, we were impressed by the open design of the mall location. Catering to the walk-up customer, this jewelry store features an open façade that appeals to foot traffic coming from various locations. Of course, this also calls for multiple signage products that communicate to consumers who are approaching the store.

Signs for jewelry stores in Fort Worth

We manufactured dimensional letters in an off-white color that accentuates the medium brown wood paneling of the backdrop. On two sides, the lettering advertises the availability of diamonds. One a single side, it highlights the availability of jewelry as well as the option of having watches and jewelry repaired. Of course, the largest wall space is allocated to the display of the company’s name. The color and font for all these dimensional letters is identical. The sizing varies slightly.

Dimensional Letters for Building Facades are Effective

Exterior signs for jewelers in Fort Worth

Although this jewelry store is located inside a mall, you also see plenty of companies that commission dimensional letter signs for installation on their facades facing the elements.

  • Material selection. Choose from outdoor-rated foam, acrylic, PVC, plastic, metal and boutique materials. We work with your management team to create an attractive look that displays your business’ font to assist with branding of the location.
  • Installation. Depending on the design of the individual letters and the makeup of the façade, we can either attach the components flush to the wall or mount them with offsets. This affects the finished look of the display by providing you with an opportunity to include shadow play.
  • Maintenance. After the installation, we gladly come out for regularly scheduled maintenance appointment. We clean the lettering and look for any signs of damage. Over the course of the years, it may be a good idea to occasionally repaint it to keep the signage looking fresh and relevant. We gladly handle this for your company as well.

Of course, you might consider other signage products, too. For example, manufacturing companies and car dealerships like to use lightbox cabinets. One of the main reasons for this choice is the space that the signage provides to include not just a company name and logo but also a tag line and the mention of a professional affiliation. Retailers and restaurants sometimes prefer channel letters. The lit versions act as colorful beacons after dark, which has a great effect.

A relatively up and coming signage solution is the large logo panel that we manufacture from aluminum. It displays on the façade of the building and presents with quite a bit of marketing and branding information. This is an unlit signage product. Call us today to find out which signage is right for you. The odds are good that you will like the dimensional letter signs Fort Worth jewelers favor.