Custom Imprinted Table Throws and Runners for Hillel at Texas A&M

Custom Imprinted Table Throws and Runners for Hillel at Texas A&M

Every once in a while, a job is personal. Case in point is Veronica Beskin, who is the Jewish Student Life Coordinator of Hillel at Texas A&M. Being our favorite niece, she knew just whom to call after making the move from Orlando, Florida, to College Station, Texas. You see, she had come to realize that the A&M Hillel was not getting a lot of attention at student events – in part, because their tables were visually getting lost in the flood of other exhibitors. Could we help? You bet!

Custom imprinted trade show table throws

Custom Imprinted Trade Show Table Throws and Runners

What the organization needed is really the same thing that most business owners require when exhibiting at a trade show or local street fair: a marketing tool that commands attention. For many organizations, this takes the shape of custom imprinted table throws. College Station, TX, is no different. This particular group features signage with a rich, dark wine-red color that offsets the bright white printing. We were able to create a throw that looked great, displayed the lettering in perfect proportion to the table and also grabs the eye simply because of the attractive color combination.

This is something that works for college organizations whose tables are getting swallowed up in the sheer volume of other exhibitors as well as for companies that are getting lost in a large group of exhibitors. When you go up against long-established exhibitors who show up with full booth setups, your odds of being seen are even more reduced. This is where the presence of something as simple as a table throw can even the odds in your favor. But we did not stop there. We also manufactured some custom imprinted table runners. College Station, TX, does not just host student events where plenty of organizations participate, but sometimes there are also city events that invite student groups to come out.

Trade show table throws Fort Worth

Tables are usually already set up and provided at these gatherings. When a table throw is not feasible to use, a table runner can be placed over the provided throw and still market your organization or business. There is no need to ask for special concessions – such as dismantling a table setup to accommodate your throw – when you can simply spread out a runner that can brand with the same effect. Having both ready to go, the A&M Hillel is now ready to get attention no matter where the action is.

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Can the same be said for your business? You do not have to be part of our family to get the type of service that treats you as though you were. We care about the visibility of your business at local trade shows and street fairs. We want you to succeed and remain a member of our vibrant business community. And we will do everything we can to help you get the attention you require to do so. Visual branding solutions, such as table throws and runners, are just two examples of the tools that are available to you. For trade shows in particular, there are also banners, flags and other signage options that help you stand out.