Choosing the Right Lobby Sign for Your Dallas/Fort Worth Business

Choosing the Right Lobby Sign for Your Dallas/Fort Worth Business

The Dallas/Fort Worth area encompasses multiple counties and is a bustling business hub. Fort Worth in particular is famous for catering to Texas’ ranching sector as well as the farming industries. Companies that have set up operations there also include AT&T, Verizon and Nokia. Not surprisingly, the presence of a formidable IT sector has earned the area the nickname of Silicon Prairie. It is against this economic backdrop that professionals select office reception signs for Dallas/Fort Worth companies. What are your options?

Making Your Material Selection Work for You

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Foam, acrylic, metal and PVC are just some of the materials you may choose from. Rarely used materials – although available – include wood, marble and glass. Although there is no hard and fast rule about what materials are appropriate for which niche, it is well known that IT companies tend to gravitate toward metal or acrylic signage while service businesses favor foam and PVC.

When you work with the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs, you get the advantage of a client consultation that includes a visit to your venue for a site survey. This allows us to take inventory of your branding methods, which heavily affect the selection of your material. It also helps you to discover if your business is the right candidate for a vinyl wall graphic or whole wall mural in lieu of traditional lobby signage.

Mixing Materials for an Eye-grabbing Effect

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Combine an acrylic board with metal lettering. Better yet, choose two acrylic boards and place a vinyl overlay in between them. Next, add three-dimensional PVC or acrylic lettering to the top. Wood and metal also work well together. In short, it is entirely possible to heighten the impact of your message simply by judiciously combining materials and appearances. Part of the material mix is the selection of the right installation hardware. We frequently recommend the use of brushed aluminum offsets. This gives the sign the illusion to be floating above the wall while it secures even heavier products.

Lighting Has the Power to Make a Huge Difference

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Some of our successful business clients have begun commissioning lit lobby signs. This relatively new technology combination wows the client visiting your office or storefront. When you want to feature a dramatic display of illumination and shadows, we highly recommend the use of signage foam, which allows for letters as thick as two inches to be created. Properly lit with external sources, the appearance of this signage solution can be sophisticated, dramatic or both. In some cases, the lighting from the overhead lamps is sufficient to bring out the finer style elements of the product.

Order Your Custom Lobby Signs for Dallas/Fort Worth Businesses Today

Contact our professionals today to discuss your need for a customized reception area sign. Our graphic artists work with you to create sketches that offer you a glimpse of the finished product. We help you select your material, lighting option and mounting hardware. When we have created the look that you love, we start the manufacture of the sign. Next, we professionally install the product when it is convenient for you.