An lluminated Sign to be Proud Of!

An lluminated Sign to be Proud Of!


Cloth and Glaze is a painting class for groups or individuals looking to enjoy a class with friends and a glass of wine. Cloth and Glaze is a new business that will be open for business in Spring 2016. When Cowtown was asked to make a standout channel letter sign for this budding business, we were excited to help out.

The design we were sent for this sign was easily implemented into a proof that the business loved. We fabricated the sign, set up the LED lighting and had installed the piece for Cloth & Glaze. We loved the pop of color on the sign and more importantly, the final product was the quality and look that our client was hoping for.

What’s in a Sign

When you’re driving through a shopping area with big names retailers what is something that each of these businesses have in common? Illuminated signage! There is a reason that these logos and name brands are so familiar to you and part of it is because you see them lit up on your drive home.

Illuminated signs are great for many reasons. They are the perfect way to guide your customers to your business, especially if you are open later in the evening. Illuminated signs aren’t only utilized outside of your business, but can also be an important part of the interior of your work place. Lobby signs and emergency signs are also important and necessary additives to each business.

A Closer Look at Channel Letters

There are many options for types of illuminated signs and channel letters is one of them!

The channel letter setup is ideal for the display of your company’s name. Showing off your carefully chosen font and company’s colors, the lettering beckons to consumers in search of your types of products. Illumination usually comes from the front. While the body of the letter is manufactured from sturdy aluminum, we typically use polycarbonate to close it. When the light turns on, the color brightens and intensifies.

Channel Letter Signs DFWIt does not stop there. If you like the idea of seeing your sign awash in a soft halo of light rather than bold illumination, select the backlit-lettering version. In this case, the front is closed up and the back is open. For a combination of the two, we install a colorful front and a clear back. Mounted a few inches from the wall, the look is stunning. The only drawback that channel letters present is the lack of a logo display. This is why box cabinets are now getting so popular.