A Look at Exterior Routed Panel Signs for Fort Worth!

A Look at Exterior Routed Panel Signs for Fort Worth!

Exterior Routed Panel Signs Fort WorthHave you noticed the new routed panel signs? Fort Worth consumers see more and more of them on the exterior of businesses and medical offices. Service providers, retailers and also faith communities are beginning to move away from traditional signage products in favor of the relative novelty of the routed marker. If you are wondering what this new trend is all about, the friendly professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs are here to answer your questions.

Q: What does it mean that a panel is “routed?”

A: Imagine an oblong shape that looks a bit like a shingle that you would hang on the outside of a store. We now take this shingle and route the letters out of the material. This means that the material stays in place but only the letters are missing. Later on, we fill these in with paint.

Q: Can you make the letters stand out instead?

A: Yes, we can. We can recess the background instead of the letters. This makes your lettering stand out and – depending on your signage design – be even more noticeable.

Q: How does a routed panel grab the eye?

Routed Panel Signs Fort WorthA: First and foremost, it is the shape of the panel. While you can go with the standard oblong shape, there are plenty of other shapes to consider. Secondly, remember that this signage look can be layered. Routing various layers adds depth that easily grabs the eye. Lastly, there is the combination of colors. Unlike so many other signage products, routed panels can be as colorful as you would like them to be. In so doing, they brand and market your product and company name.

Q: What about illumination?

A: It is possible to combine lightbox cabinet technology with a routed panel. The light comes within the setup and illuminates that sign. It is now very visible at night as well as during the day. This is an optional process. Some clients choose to have us create a historic-looking business shingle and forego the built-in lighting. Aimed landscape spotlights or façade lighting makes up for the missing illumination and sends an attractive beam of light to the marker.

Q: What exterior routed panel materials can I choose from?

Fort Worth Routed Panel SignsA: Exterior routed panel signs for Fort Worth can be made from outdoor-rated foam, metal or acrylic. Mind you, the material does not have to be exceedingly thick for the look to work. Of course, when you do prefer a more dramatic appearance, we always have the option of working with panels that have a two-inch thickness. We also work with wood; in this situation, we usually first treat the wood to be durable and not fall victim to moisture or insect damage.

Q: Where would I use this signage?

A: Business owners like to use them in historic parts of Fort Worth, in areas where the shopping centers present with a more whimsical flair or simply in a sea of hyper-modern venues to stand out. The choice is yours. Routed panels fit into any commercial setting and are sure to be noticeable – in a good way.

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