A Guide to Gemini Letters for Signs in Fort Worth

A Guide to Gemini Letters for Signs in Fort Worth

Guide to Gemini Letter Signs for Fort WorthThe Gemini letter signs Fort Worth members of the business community rely on come in a variety of displays. There are plastic, metal and laminated letters. In addition, these letters are perfectly worked to help a company’s storefront or office stand out from the other businesses.

Taking a Look at Gemini Letters

What are the different types of Gemini letters? For signs in Fort Worth, these are the most commonly chosen varieties.


Gemini Plastic Letter Exterior Signs Fort WorthThis material impresses with its durability and versatility. Laser-cut letters display with a crisp design and polished edges. These signage components are appropriate for the interior or exterior of any building. There are 32 standard colors, but it is not impossible to match a custom color that you really want to see on your façade. The thickness and the height can be made to your specifications. Smaller, lighter letters may be mounted with double face tape while heavier, larger pieces do call for studs.

Formed plastic is just as durable and beautiful but when rounded edges are what you were looking for, this is the style to select. A wide variety of fonts makes it possible to imitate the look of your letterhead on your building’s façade. There is a third type of plastic signage components that also look great: Minnesota letters. These Gemini letters are created to imitate the look of cast metal. They are a great alternative when you have reservations about commissioning an order of real metal letters for your façade.


Gemini Metal Letters for Signs in Fort WorthIf you do prefer the look of metal over plastic, consider flat-cut letters. Common material choices are aluminum, stainless steel, copper and nickel. Finishes include brushed, polished and powder coats. Cast metal is a better option for the company owner who wants to use thick lettering on a façade or monument marker. Aluminum and bronze are the favorite materials for this type of setup. Fabricated letters are made from stainless steel and come in illuminated and non-lit versions. They are not as heavy as their counterparts but nevertheless look chic and modern on any building’s front.

Display Lettering

This is primarily found on the inside of a building. The focus here is not just on the durable manufacture of perfectly shaped letters but also on the final touches that make them stand out and perfectly suited for branding. The substrate for laminated letters is usually acrylic. The laminate itself is a thin sheet of metal. Blending in perfectly with the substrate, the illusion of Gemini Display Lettering for Signs Fort Worthhaving a letter crafted from metal alone is faultless. Taking a whole different turn, Gemini is also famous for the giclee process. Simply put, during manufacture a high-resolution image is applied onto an acrylic substrate. The optical illusion is complete. Whether you envision letters depicting clouds, water or hardwood, we can fill your order.

For more information on Gemini letters and the versatility of the medium, contact our lettering experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs today. We gladly visit your location, take some measurements and then give you expert advice on ideal size dimensions. We also discuss the material options and finishing touches that will make your sign stand out from the rest.