4 Reasons You Need to Rethink (or Repair) Your Exterior Signs

4 Reasons You Need to Rethink (or Repair) Your Exterior Signs

If eyes are the windows to the soul, exterior signs are the calling cards of your business. What do your markers say about your company? Do they brand you as an innovative industry insider who routinely stays one step ahead of the competition? On the other hand, do they identify you as an organization that is moving past its prime and may soon be overtaken by the competition nipping at its heels? Is it time for new exterior signs? Or, do you need sign repairs, refurbishing or maintenance? Fort Worth consumers are watching!

1. Signage is Faded

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This is the product that used to be colorful, perfectly sized and shiny. Professionally installed on your façade, it has been a hallmark of your company’s presence in the community for almost two decades. This probably puts it a decade past its useful life. Faded markers look unprofessional. Just as you would not hand a business card to someone when the logo is barely visible, you should not expect consumers to take you seriously if the navy blue has faded to a sky blue instead. When your reds are pink and your purple is lilac, it is time to revamp the look.

2. Markers Show Cracks

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Hand in hand with aging comes the gradual deterioration of a sign’s non-metal components. A cabinet marker’s overall construction may be sound but the polycarbonate facing is showing its age with numerous fine – and not so fine – cracks on the surface. When your sign shows obvious damage, the consumer may wonder why you are not replacing it. Could it be that your company is in a crisis and cannot afford the maintenance? Or do you just not care? Both assumptions may be wrong – but they will occur to passersby.

3. No Lights

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In some cases, the absence of a lighting component can turn your message into an embarrassment after dark. Even if your lettering does not spell out an awkward message because of missing letters, it looks amateurish. A seasoned business owner will not allow signage to take on a dilapidated look. In fact, installing a new light can be as simple as a phone call to your friendly local signage professional.

4. Name Change

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You have recently rebranded or changed your name. Yet your building sign still displays the old information. Consumers wonder if your merger or rebranding was a mistake. Perhaps you are one step away from giving up the business and moving out? Do not leave your customers or clients guessing! Something as small as the addition of a new vinyl overlay to your lightbox cabinet takes care of the change.

Solutions are Simple

Call the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs for help with your building signs. Fort Worth members of the business community know that they can count on us for signage repair, refurbishing or replacement. Our experts give you an honest estimate of the time and cost involved in fixing your exterior signage. If a new marker is a better solution, we walk you through the design process, handle the permitting and install the finished product. Do not compromise your professional appearance with a dilapidated sign.