Lightbox Cabinet Sign Choices for Arlington TX

Lightbox Cabinet Sign Choices for Arlington TX

Lightbox cabinet signs Arlington TXSchools, churches, car washes, financial institutions and a wide variety of service providers prefer lightbox cabinet signs to channel letters. The popularity of these types of illuminated cabinet signs has been steadily growing. If you are thinking of revamping your exterior signage and want to give the cabinet a second look, there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

Customized Shapes

The standard lightbox cabinet you see in Arlington displays a rectangular shape. Yet it does not have to be this way! The signage experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs have worked with companies who wanted to see a marker in the shapes of their logos. No problem! Since the cabinet is an all-aluminum construction, our technicians can shape it into any form you like. Whether you want to see your logo represented or would like a niche-specific shape, we can accommodate your vision.

Display Options

Lightbox cabinet monument signs Arlington TXThe polycarbonate face is traditionally white and provides the space for translucent vinyl graphics to display the information you want. Usually, this refers to the name of your company, the logo and any motto or other information that you want consumers to know about. Of course, it is possible to customize here, too. A different color facing can easily bring out your company’s colors. We work with you to create the look that uniquely suits your display needs.

Mounting Choices

Our business clients customarily ask us to mount this sign to the façade of the business’ property. Some clients double up on their orders to install these types of markers on both sides of their venues when they offer multiple entrances. This setup also works well in combination with a monument sign. Choose a foam or concrete construction setup. Next, our professionals integrate the cabinet into your setup. A third mounting option includes the use of a pylon or pole. This is sometimes the preferred mode of displays for schools and churches at busy intersections.

The Little Extras That Matter

Illuminated cabinet signs Arlington TXThe majority of our clients prefer the lit version of the cabinet. It is, however, possible to opt for a non-lit version as well. While you compromise consumers’ abilities to see your marker well after dark, you do open up new mounting options because you do not have to rely on access to electricity.

When you do select the lit version, consider the addition of an automatic timer. This gadget lets you control the marker from its control box itself rather than from the plug. Doing so minimizes user error and enhances the functionality of the display. In some cases, it is possible to combine a lightbox cabinet with a LED reader board. This has proven to be highly effective for schools and gas stations.

Getting Started

Call our professionals today for more information on the types of lightbox cabinet signs Arlington, TX, shoppers respond to very well. We can construct a new marker from scratch or refurbish an existing one that still has a cabinet in basically good condition. If you have one of these on your property, call us for a site survey to give you an accurate estimate of the live left in the product.