Work Trailer Graphics Boost Brand for the Carpet Authority!

Work Trailer Graphics Boost Brand for the Carpet Authority!

Located at 3229 Merrimac in Forest Hill, plenty of Fort Worth residents rely on the services of the Carpet Authority for general rug repairs, upholstery and carpet cleaning, pet odor removal and even dryer vent cleaning. When you are adding a puppy or kitten to the household, applying an upholstery protector creates a barrier between muddy paws and your sofa or upholstered chairs.

Carpet Cleaning Trailer Graphics Fort Worth Consumers Respond To

Contractor work trailer graphics Fort Worth

When it came time to add mobile marketing to the company’s overall advertising methods, the Carpet Authority’s management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs for assistance. Against a black backdrop, we outfitted the trailer with the white on purple logo and purple as well as white lettering. Explaining the business’ niche and outlining some of its services, the trailer now serves as a highly visible marketing tool.

What Makes Trailer Graphics Stand Out?

You expect the standard trailer to be white and non-descript. When you then see something that breaks out of this mold on the road, it naturally captures your eye. You get curious about the company that uses the trailer. You also want to learn more about the business that has made the investment in making a trailer stand out.

Since catching the eye is what the addition of graphics and lettering to a trailer’s surface is all about, the marketing and branding messages are successful. Because studies have proven that the average wrapped vehicle succeeds at getting 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day, your message gets out. If you treat multiple trailers that are being used by your employees, simply multiply the number of impressions by the number of trailers that are on the road each day.

Do Spatial Constraints Limit Displays?

Contractor vehicle graphics Fort Worth

The answer is “no.” In fact, trailers are excellent backdrops for your information. There are no doors and windows to cut out of the design. There are usually also no curvatures. This creates a straightforward billboard look that displays your message for best results. While you may not be able to do much marketing with the front portion of the trailer, some companies nevertheless choose to have it treated for the times that it is uncoupled from the tow vehicle and sits parked on the street or in a lot.

What Should My Trailer Graphics Design Look Like?

Our professional graphic artists look forward to the opportunity of sitting down with you to design your look. We look at the artwork you already have and incorporate it into the design. If you do not yet have anything, we create the design from scratch. We discuss the placement of design elements, the choice of colors and explore whether the trailer’s color makes a good backdrop for your company colors or whether it needs to be altered with a wrap for best results.

As a consequence, you receive the contractor work trailer graphics Fort Worth consumers will see and remember. They stand out, create a buzz and allow consumers who may have been thinking of hiring a service such as yours to take down your contact information. Forward-thinking contractors have even begun adding quick response (QR) codes to the backs of their trailers to allow consumers to capture the image with their smartphones. This leads the potential customers to a web page specifically designed to greet new clients.