Why Window Graphics are Great for Advertising

Why Window Graphics are Great for Advertising

Why You Might Want to Check Out Our Window Graphics

Window graphics are an under the radar and under utilized way to advertise your business without breaking the bank. The broad range of uses for this type of advertising is virtually endless and can serve many purposes to a business and here’s how:

It Could Set You Apart From the Competition

While you may offer similar services as other businesses in the area, are you showing your customers what makes you different? Vinyl window graphics succeed at spelling out your niche explanations as well as those products or services that only you offer to clients or customers. This is of particular importance when your name does not readily give away what your store, restaurant or other business is all about

Advertise Your Incoming Business

Full_Front-3.jpgYou can effectively brand and market your business without yet being open. Close off the storefront’s view from the street by using whole-pane window graphics that give consumers a bit of a taste what they might be able to expect – without giving away everything you plan on doing and offering. Instead, redirect them to your social media platform of choice and to your website. Getting these interactions going early on is advantageous and creates a bit of a buzz in the local community. When you are ready for the grand opening celebration, expect larger than average crowds.

It Works for Other Businesses

IMG_3200.jpg Cowtown just installed a high quality window graphic for a business in Fort Worth. The detailed window graphic that we made for Depil Waxing, located in Montgomery Plaza is one of our most striking yet. This graphic was fabricated, printed and installed by Cowtown in our sign studio. We were able to incorporate high quality images to make the window graphic standout in a busy area.

We designed a proof for our client and once it was approved, we got to work! After finalizing design details, we used our state of the art printers to create a detailed and striking image to install on the businesses window.

Using high quality imaging and our state of the art printing equipment, Cowtown can put your windows to work in no time with a beautiful window graphic!