Why Sign Permits Are Important

Why Sign Permits Are Important

Are you looking to get some fun signage for your business? Always remember to check out your cities zoning laws before getting too invested in your sign making. Many cities and suburbs have sign ordinances that restrict size, location, lighting and types of signs. Their way of making sure any signage is uniform and looks good throughout the city. An application to the city requires your complete set of plans. Which includes sign drawing, measurements, site plan, plats and sometimes your engineering. This is where Cowtown can help you. We are very familiar with individual city codes throughout the DFW metro area.

Turn around time for most cities can take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks. Because lets try to remember, they have a million other things to deal with as well. Most sign companies like ourselves, will not start fabrication of the sign until we get the green light from the city. One good thing to know is that interior signs will not need a sign permit, but, exterior signs will mostly always need one.

Permitting can be a nightmare, so hop on down to Cowtown Graphics & Signs or give us a call and we will take care of all your permitting needs!


Another thing to take into consideration is your parking lot lighting. Who wants to come to a creepy hardly lit place? People driving down the road see your place but then see its not lit very well are more than likely not going to stop. Why is it so important to have a well lit place? Well first and foremost, well-lit areas ensure the safety of your employees, customers and helps for security purposes. Another reason would be to also help prevent accidents at night time. Having the perfect lighting will help you in the long run when it comes to your business. Without great lighting, your signs will not be very visible to your customers and your signs need to be seen! If not you will either see a decrease in business or no growth no matter what you do. So ask yourself this, is your business lit up well enough?