What Is PMS Color Matching & How Is it Used in the Sign Industry?

What Is PMS Color Matching & How Is it Used in the Sign Industry?

What Is PMS Color MatchingHave you heard of PMS color matching? No, we are not talking about that type of PMS. Rather, we are referring to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) that the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs use regularly to ensure the integrity of your color matches and the creation of perfectly congruent color displays across a broad range of signage products.

What Is PMS Color Matching?

The Pantone Corporation sets the tone for color definition in the United States. It is the final authority on the use standardized ink colors and ensures that when you discuss your desire for the inclusion of Marsala in your banner advertising, we know exactly what you are looking for. PMS color matching specifies the makeup of the color to the highest degree, which takes you well beyond the standard print colors of cyan, magenta, black and yellow.

Why Color Matching Matters

You are planning a trade show display that ties into our latest window graphics and vehicle vinyl lettering package. You chose freesia, violet tulip and cayenne as your colors for the display. The printer you visit is not sure about violet tulip and substitutes a different shade of violet. The display is off. The marketing approach that you have chosen is – more or less – destroyed simply because a signage professional did not understand the importance of exact color matching.

This is why PMS color matching in the sign industry is crucial.

  • Pantone color matching for the sign industryExact color match. Each signage component features the same color. It is irrelevant if the material is vinyl, aluminum or canvas.
  • Color consistency. Colors are deep and saturated as indicated. Others may be light. Yet each color displays in its agreed upon hue.
  • Custom colors. Selecting custom colors used to be problematic. The chips would age and make it difficult to create future color matches. With the use of a standardized system, the exact mix of precise hues makes it possible to mix your customized color today, in a decade or in a hundred years from today.

Knowing the Intricacies

Pantone makes its standardized colors available in coated or uncoated swatches. This affects the user of paper stocks. Yet it is also a source of confusion for those who attempt the use the PMS for the first time or without professional assistance. Our experts look forward to working with How is PMS Color Matching Used in the Sign Industry in Fort Worthyou on the selection of the right colors for all of your signage needs.

Using Color Technology to Your Advantage

Call us today for more information on exact color matching. Our technicians love to talk shop with customers when it comes to colors, graphics development and the creation of signage suites that perfectly harmonize down to the minute hue changes of certain shades. On a larger scale, we gladly show you how PMS affects the look of your vehicle graphics that we can perfectly match to your window graphics. This, in turn, we match to the colors of your acrylic lobby sign or channel letter signage product on the exterior of your building’s façade.