What is Environmental Graphic Design?

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental Graphic Design is a design concept that began 40 years ago. This methodology has many design disciplines and concepts using color, graphics, typography, wayfinding signage and shapes that intertwine the visual/psychological aspects of communication, connecting people to places, creating an experience on a visceral level.

Disney World is like environmental graphic design on steroids. From the moment you walk through the gates it tells a story, from the themes, typography, wayfinding signage, even the architect of the buildings creates an unforgettable and memorable connection with every single visitor that enters. That is the essence of what environmental graphic design can do for a brand.

Velocity Transportation in Plano, Texas and environmental graphic design

Wall vinyl with flat cut aluminum letters - reception

When it comes to branding YOUR business and brand, would you want to use environmental graphic design? If so, what would your branding story look like or feel like? You have options! Your story and concept can be as simple or complex as you want it to be using custom graphics, wayfinding signage, landscaping, typography, or even wall murals. Environmental graphic design can change the face of your brand and your company from just another brand to a memorable brand.

Conference Room

Cowtown Graphics & Signs has created environmental graphic design for various companies throughout the greater Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex. They can expertly and authentically conceptualize a brand by listening to what your needs are and assist you in coming up with a concept, a design that will visually create a memorable story and message for your brand. If you are working with a developer, architect or designer, Cowtown can work with you and assist your team from conception to installation using environmental graphic design for your branding message. Call Cowtown Graphics & Signs for a proposal today!

Dixon Stonegates Apts in Fort Worth, Texas using Environmental graphic design

IMG_20190730_213511   MVIMG_20200128_163431
Dixon Landscaping pic with CT truck in Pic at  Dixon - Reverse-Lit Pool Letters

Local Doctors office in Plano, Texas using environmental graphic design

IMG_20190412_144532  IMG_20190412_144321