Want a Moving Billboard? How About Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Arlington TX?

Want a Moving Billboard? How About Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Arlington TX?

Vehicle wraps and graphics ArlingtonWho commissions vehicle wraps and graphics? Arlington members of the business community who want to advertise and brand their companies like pros! The knowledgeable professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs frequently get asked how effective these wraps are, what makes them so useful and why so many different types of businesses commission them. If you have been curious yourself, here are the answers.

Why Consider Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Arlington?

Do you know how expensive it is to rent a standard billboard for about a month? Generally speaking, a typical one-sided 16 feet by 48 feet billboard – situated along a highway – costs about $1,800 per month. Some companies may charge more. Smaller billboards can be slightly cheaper. Now consider the cost of a vehicle wrap: about $42 per month. Which do you think is easier on the budget?

Vehicle graphics Arlington But there are other advantages to having wraps (a.k.a. moving billboards) as well. For example, the single month of billboard advertising yields about 700,000 impressions. Some of them count double since the same folks are driving past the billboard every day on their ways to work. After the one month, your marketing budget is probably blown to pieces. If you are more the postcard mailer type of business, you may be able to reach about 20,000 households.

A wrapped vehicle, on the other hand, has the potential or making 8.4 million impressions in one year. It is clear that the vehicle wraps and graphics Arlington entrepreneurs choose are far superior to other marketing tools.

What Makes Wraps so Useful?

A full wrap allows you to pick the background color, add a window perf and include plenty of cool style elements that effectively market and brand. You turn an average van or truck into a mobile billboard that grabs the eye and generates name recognition as well as brand awareness. A partial wrap works with the color of your car’s current paintjob. Even so, you still get plenty of choices when it comes to graphics, decals, lettering and other design elements.

Wraps Are Appealing to so Many Different Businesses!

Vehicle wraps ArlingtonThe franchisee informs niche customers about the presence of the new franchise in town. Catering companies get their name out to the community faster. The floral shop highlights that it not only sells the freshest cut roses but also delivers them throughout the area. Contractors outline their niche, specify the work that they tackle and also explain how to get in contact with them. Retailers use quick response (QR) codes to enhance online interaction with consumers. The attorney draws attention to a menu of services and positions the office as a thought leader in the field. As you can see, there is no limit to the jobs that the vehicle wraps and graphics Arlington companies order can do.

Are you ready to follow suit? When your visual branding solutions do not yet involve partial or full wraps, you owe it to yourself to place an order now and enjoy the almost effortless marketing that they offer. Our friendly professionals invite you to bring in your vehicle and see how a great wrap can lead to a complete transformation of the look.