Velocity Transport  Brightens Interiors with Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Plano TX!

Velocity Transport  Brightens Interiors with Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Plano TX!

Located at 5204 Tennyson Parkway, Velocity Transport specializes in freight brokering for shippers as well as carriers. This is a brand-new start-up transportation logistics group. The management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a signage suite that includes wall graphics and wall murals in Plano, TX. 

Our Full-Service Sign Shop Prepared a Brand-Heavy Signage Setup

Wall Murals and Flat Cut Aluminum Letters Plano TX

We received the company’s specs to ensure a perfect color match and font adherence. Next, we got to work on the project.

Wall Murals in Training Rooms Plano TX

  • Building sign. We started with a non-illuminated building sign. It features flat-cut, brushed aluminum letters. They add pizzazz to the façade. Moreover, they make branding the exterior a snap.
  • Murals. You see these murals throughout the building. They display the brand’s primary color play while adding marketing messages and niche-specific images. Many of the pictures show movement, which puts the viewer into the midst of the action. Others are effective color plays that resonate with visitors and employees.
  • Frosted window graphics. Because the firm’s office space features multiple glass-fronted areas, the team requested frosted vinyl to offer a visual break. Also, this type of product provides a modicum of privacy to the office occupants. 

Why Brand with Wall Graphics and Murals?

Entry Hall Wall Graphics

You can go big with murals. They take up entire walls. Graphics, too, can span one or more wall areas. Concurrently, you can go smaller and fit quite a bit of information into even the tightest places. This is not something that the average signage setup achieves.

Conference Room Wall Murals Plano TX

Moreover, branding with colors is vital for carving out your corporate identity in a niche. If you are a newcomer to the local business community, having consumers recognize your color play is essential for name recognition. Next, you combine it with images that make the point of your niche. Now, prospective buyers or clients understand what you sell or offer and connect it to your corporate symbol. 

Brushed Aluminum Exterior Building Sign Plano TX

Of course, there are other reasons for adding these wall treatments. Did you know that they make the overall work environment and atmosphere more fun, enjoyable, and engaging? They also help with keeping the setting clean. Because we use high-tack vinyl with a matte laminate, the product is highly durable. Cleaning only takes a moist sponge with a mild cleaner. It keeps the wall treatments looking great, which contributes to the productive ambiance of the locale.

How to Expand the Reach of Your Brand with Graphics

Conference Room Wall Murals Plano TX

Introducing wall graphics to Plano’s consumer base is an excellent first step. Visitors to your business as well as employees consistently have your brand message in front of them. However, how can you take this message to those consumers who are not yet coming to your location? Whether you operate a storefront, office, or eatery, there are ways of boosting your brand and name recognition with graphics. 

For example, our technicians could take these images and transfer them onto cars, trucks, or vans as vehicle graphics. By participating in the mobile marketing revolution, you succeed in attracting attention from members of your targeted demographics. Incidentally, you also introduce others to your brand. In so doing, you generate name recognition that may lead to referrals from people who may have never done business with you but respond to your advertising. 

Ordering Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Plano, TX

Break Room Wall Murals Plano TX

When you are ready to freshen the look of your business’ interior, we can help. Let go of the ineffective wall colors and countless decorative items that require dusting. Find a way to have your office make a bold brand statement with a minimal investment. Cowtown Graphics & Signs can help. Our sign shop serves the business communities in and around Plano and the DFW area. Contact us today!