Vehicle Graphics: The New “Energizer Bunny!”

Vehicle Graphics: The New “Energizer Bunny!”

Vehicle Graphics Fort WorthThere is more to vehicle graphics for Fort Worth business owners than meets the eye. We have worked with professionals from all niches who are surprised to find out just how versatile the combination of vehicle vinyl lettering, graphics and perforated rear window sheets can be. Here are some reasons for adding this marketing product to your advertising lineup.

Lowering Your Overall Advertising Cost

Dollar for dollar, it is less expensive to attract eyeballs with vehicle graphics than with any other marketing medium. Whether you compare the cost of newspaper ads, radio spots, television ads or billboards to the cost of vehicle lettering, is it cheaper to generate 1,000 impressions with the vehicle than it is to achieve the same goal with any other product. In fact, the graphics’ impression cost is pennies to the dollars.

Get Your Business Noticed Locally While Waiting for Temporary Signage

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Fort WorthIt pays to get your foot in the door early on. When you are commissioning your “coming soon” banners, construction area signage or temporary posters, the vehicle lettering creates a buzz in your targeted neighborhood. Early on, consumers learn about the new business that is setting up shop there. With so many repetitive displays of your marketing info, not only do you succeed at generating name recognition and creating brand awareness, but you also encourage consumers to seek out more information about your company via its website or social media platforms.

Work Around On-Site Signage Restrictions

You cannot fully understand why vehicle graphics are the new “Energizer Bunny” for your marketing message until you find out that your neighborhood zoning committee does not allow you to install window graphics or an aluminum building sign that further enhances your channel letter message. Parking your fully treated vehicle in front of your Truck Graphics Fort Worthstore or service establishment easily works around the signage ban that prevents you and your competitors from adding the secondary signage that you know will greatly enhance your visibility. The odds are good that this move allows you to eclipse the competition.

Branch Out Into New Neighborhoods

When your trade takes you to the homes and businesses of your clients, parking your treated vehicle in front of their locations is an excellent marketing option. Neighbors not only find out what type of work is being done at the location, but they also learn about your company’s name and what sets you apart from other contractors in this field. Combine this marketing approach with contractor signage that you can put in place for an effective neighborhood marketing campaign.

Getting Started

Mobile Advertising in Fort WorthContact the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs for more information on vehicle graphics, lettering and perforated window displays. We look forward to sitting down with you for a client consultation. During this appointment, we learn more about your company’s marketing message, branding tools and color combinations that make you stand out. We help you think through the placement of graphics on your vehicle’s exterior for a highly noticeable appearance that stands out everywhere.

After working up some sketches and getting your approval, we manufacture the vinyl product and professionally install it. We can treat any vehicle that you would like. No truck is too large and no car is too small for the application of a customized lettering or graphics package.