Valence Laboratories Impresses with a Customized Lobby Sign in The Colony TX

Valence Laboratories Impresses with a Customized Lobby Sign in The Colony TX

Located at 5908 Stone Creek Drive, Valence Laboratories specializes in advanced research techniques that use state-of-the-art technologies. Examples include gene sequencing, cell culture treatments, and studies requiring scanning electron microscopy. When the company needed a customized lobby sign in The Colony, TX, its management team contacted our signage experts.

Creating an Eye-Catching Focal Point for an Office in the High-Tech Sector

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After consulting with our client, we designed a lobby sign that would underscore the technological aspects of the company’s brand. We started with an acrylic backer panel that measures a quarter of an inch in depth. We painted it to feature a dark color.

Next, we applied a thinner acrylic sheet measuring three-eighth of an inch in thickness. We installed a brushed aluminum finish on the back for contrast. Once we connected these surfaces, our technicians added painted acrylic letters and a separate logo. To ensure that these dimensional style elements heighten the 3D aspects of the sign even further, we installed them with half-inch mounting spacers.

Finally, we mounted the finished sign with one-and-one-half-inch stand-offs to the wall. Our technicians used an aluminum satin finish for these products, which ensures that they match the metallic look of the panel. The finished lobby sign impresses with its colors, sophisticated chic, and embodiment of the company’s brand message.

Why Focus so Much Attention on a Lobby Sign?

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It is fair to say that this lobby sign is a work of art. And there is a good reason why companies frequently spend hours agonizing over the right display setup: clients will. Visitors to the office spend their waiting time looking at the sign. They perceive how it works against the backdrop of the interior décor.

They notice the little details such as three-dimensional displays, subtle color changes, and even the careful illumination of the product to get the right type of light and shadow play. To the casual observer, some of these elements are not immediately clear. To the customer who spends some time in your foyer, they quickly become elements of interest.

The sign communicates your brand message. It presents you as a thought leader in your niche. At the same time, it shows that you are trustworthy, creative, and willing to try new things. Metal impresses because of its durability. A company that invests in this material – or something that looks like it – expects to be in business for a long time.

Choosing the Right Material and Display Option

Take a page from the playbook of Valence Laboratories, and decide to work with acrylic. It is a budget-friendly material that combines versatility with durability. We can make it look like metal, illuminate it from behind, and mix it with other elements such as metal or vinyl overlays. Of course, you have plenty of additional options open to you.

  • Metal. Steel, aluminum, copper, or any other metal works well. Take advantage of the material’s unique qualities to feature its colors or shades. Metal can be expensive. For this reason, some clients choose to go with a metal laminate instead. It allows us to install a thin veneer of the material onto an acrylic or foam surface.
  • Foam. Sign foam is ideally suited for the business that wants an impressive three-dimensional display for its walls. With depths of up to three inches, the right lighting can create amazing artwork out of this material. We can paint the foam or apply printed vinyl with gradient color changes.
  • Dimensional letters vs. boards. Letters are excellent options when you want to cover a lot of ground. We can increase spacing and height to provide signage for even the most extensive wall surfaces. A good alternative is the logo board. Choose a board when you need to limit space. Of course, you can always combine both options.

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