Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing

If you’re looking to develop a multi-family housing complex, it’s important to plan ahead and know what types of signs will be needed. This article will outline the most common signs needed for this type of project and provide some tips on choosing the right ones. Keep in mind that many cities and counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex may have additional requirements, so be sure to check with them before starting construction. If you have questions about signage in the Fort Worth area, reach out to Cowtown Signs and Graphics, and we will be happy to help you with any local requirements.

Construction signage

For new complexes or those that are going through a significant renovation, signs can help to alert the community to what improvements you are making. Construction signage lets potential residents know that the building is in the process of being built, how and when they can prelease a unit, and if you are hiring. When it comes to construction signs, you want to plan ahead and order your signs early. Post and Panel signs can give a coming soon date, as well as designs of what the completed complex will look like. Adding lights to outdoor signage will increase visibility, particularly in the darker winter months. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Construction Sign

Wayfinding Signage

There are many different types of wayfinding signage for multi-family properties. These can vary widely based upon the type, layout, and size of a property. If you’re unsure what you need for your multifamily project, Cowtown Signs is happy to consult with you about your specific project, and how to best set up wayfinding signs on your property. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Site Map

1.1Directional Signage-

Multi-family housing should include at least one directional sign pointing to the main entrance of the complex, as well as signs for each unit and building within the complex so that visitors can find their destination quickly. One of the most important things a multi-family property can purchase is wayfinding signage for the leasing office.  This helps visitors find the leasing office easily, which is vital for allowing interested parties to complete applications.

Monument signs at the entrance of the apartment complex will also be needed to provide directions. These are important because they will allow drivers to see where the complex is located.

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Directional C

1.2 Unit Number Signage-

To ensure that visitors and tenants can easily find their destination, each unit in the complex should also have a sign with its number or letter designation. This may be included on the directional sign mentioned above but should be visible for deliveries and visitors. If the complex is larger, multiple wayfinding signs for additional units may be required. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Unit Number

1.3 Lobby Signage-

If the project is in an area with heavy traffic, it may be important for tenants to know when to expect deliveries and guests. That’s why multifamily housing should also have lobby signage indicating what time of day they can receive deliveries or when visitors will arrive. Lobby signage should also provide information about how to find nearby amenities. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Lobby Sign 1

1.4 Visitor Parking-

Parking signs ensure that drivers can see where they are allowed to park. If there are reserved parking spots for residents, they should be clearly identified to keep those spaces open for the designated people. Also, handicap parking spaces must be clearly identified with ADA signs. Other types of parking signs to consider are compact or oversized parking spots. Cowtown Signs is happy to work with you to make sure that all of your parking signage is compliant with ADA and local requirements. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Visitor Parking

Signs for rules and regulations

2.1 Pet Rules-

If the complex allows pets, it’s important for tenants to know what rules they have to follow in regards to their animals. This information can be posted on the pet rules signs near the leasing office and at entrances around the complex.

Multifamily housing should also include pet relief area signage.  This helps tenants know where they can let their animals relieve themselves when necessary. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Pet Rules

2.2 Pool Rules -

If there is a pool on the property, it should also have the appropriate signs that indicate that the pool is for the use of tenants and their guests. It should also include a list of the pool rules, such as age restrictions, pool hours, number of guests allowed, etc. Cowtown Signs and Graphics can help you to make sure that all of the safety requirements are met. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Pool Rules

 2.3 Smoking-

Multifamily housing should also show where smoking is allowed and not allowed in the complex. This can be done with appropriate signage at each entrance, around common areas that are designated for smoking, and near the trash receptacles in common areas. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Smoking Area

Other Signage for Multifamily housing projects

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that multifamily housing be accessible to people with disabilities. People who have difficulty walking or seeing will need ADA qualified signs throughout the property in common areas.  Cowtown Signs and Graphics can help you to design ADA signs for your project that meet all of the required standards. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Other Signage

3.1 Entrance and Exit Signs-

Entrances to multifamily housing must have signs that indicate the correct entrance for people to use when arriving, as well as exit-only signs. 

Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Entrance Sign
Types of Signs Needed for Multi-Family Housing TX Exit Sign

When developing an apartment complex, it is important for the developer to ensure that their branding will be consistent throughout all signs. By doing this, they can show potential residents what type of community awaits them and increase its value by adding more prestige with every sign! With our experience in creating custom signs in the DFW area, you can be sure that all of your branding will stay intact.


There are so many different types of multi-family developments, the signage required can vary significantly from property to property. A duplex will have very different needs than a highrise. To go over a full list of the types of signs that would be best for your specific property, please give Cowtown Signs and Graphics a call today at  (817) 446-6000.