Trade Show Organizer? Must-Have Wayfinding Signs!

Trade Show Organizer? Must-Have Wayfinding Signs!

Are you a trade show organizer? Wayfinding signs in Fort Worth trade show attendees, exhibitors and the general public can rely on are now your responsibility. Whether you are new to the position or an old hand at the job, there are numerous signage options that are open to you, but some of these options are more effective than others.

Wayfinding signs for event organizers in Fort Worth

Help consumers and members of the local business community get the most out of their visits to these events by decreasing wrong turns, confusion, delays and the resulting frustration.

Outdoor Signage Trade Show Wayfinding Signs

Placing your wayfinding markers starts on the outside. Large parking lots can make it difficult to know where exhibitors, business community members and the general public should enter. Freestanding portable signs – placed in the parking lot at intersections – make it possible to point to the right lot and entrance. Double-sided A-frame signs are another outdoor solution. Place them near the pedestrian paths to assist with the flow of the foot traffic.

Event organizer trade show displays Fort Worth

Identify the right entrance doors with poster frames. Customize the information on the posters themselves to highlight the setup of the exhibition hall, the location of specialty vendors, the various entrances and exits as well as the emergency evacuation plan. These types of posters help everyone to become familiar with the facility and get a good idea of how to navigate through the display setups.

At the Consumer Entrance

Trade show directional signage for event organizers Fort Worth

The general public is not necessarily aware of what to expect at a trade show. For some, this is the first time attending this type of event. Make it easy for them to find vendors that interest them. Since illumination catches the eye, the entrance area is an excellent location for the display of snap frame light boxes. Crucial information that highlights navigational aspects as well as amenities will make the visit so much more enjoyable.

Inside the Hall

Directory and wayfinding signs for expo organizers in Fort Worth include sign stands with arrows, pylons and interactive iPad stations. The latter are suitable for high-tech shows but may not be as effective for events that feature non-technical products or services. As the organizer, it is up to you to gauge the likely tech savvy of attendees.

Trade show directory signs for event organizers in Fort Worth

But there are other interior markers that can make a difference in the ease with which everyone finds what they are looking for. Suspended signs are a must when there are few walls to be found. They may be hung near the entrance to the cafeteria, the restrooms and specialty displays. If you are grouping the displays by niche, hang signs above the niche pods to direct visitors to their desired groups.

While projecting signs require wall mounts, you can get around this problem by attaching them to the poles that usually hold mandated fire extinguishers in the hall. The arrows on the customized inserts point in the direction of the most sought after amenities and displays. Do not be afraid of repeating directions. In this setting, it is better to over-communicate than to leave folks wandering about in the hope of picking up the trail to which an earlier sign pointed them.