Time for a New LED Sign for Your School in Arlington TX?

Time for a New LED Sign for Your School in Arlington TX?

LED Signs for Schools Fort Worth TXHow do you provide an engaging welcome with a sign while allowing it to fulfill wayfinding and branding tasks as well? Upping the ante, how do you incorporate useful information into your signage setup that can be changed frequently? Still too easy? How about this: How can you make this happen when you are the principal of a school? If these questions have you stumped, you might be interested to learn why LED signs for Arlington, TX, schools are currently in high demand.

Superior Material Durability

Once you replace your existing sign, you most likely do not want to think of buying yet another new marker for years to come. When you choose school LED signs for Arlington, TX, you will not have to. These markers are made to last. Our signage professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs rely on durable aluminum cabinetry for the body of the marker. The enclosed LED module rests encapsulated in silicone gel for protection. The exterior colors are treated with fade-resistant polyurethane finishes to prevent peeling or fading.

Customized Height and Width for Your Venue

LED sign monuments for Schools in Fort WorthMost schools do not need a monument sign that is as tall as those used by the mall. Rather, these signs stand between six and nine feet tall. This includes the facing as well as the LED reader board. Of course, if you operate a small neighborhood school where the marker will be placed right beside the sidewalk, you need a sign that is smaller than when you have a facility that places its marker at the entrance to a rather large parking lot. Adjusting the signage for height and width ensures that it perfectly integrates into your setting, harmonizes with your landscaping and offers a visually pleasing aesthetic effect.

Easy Message Setup

There is a good chance that you are going to change the message on the LED sign every so often. Whether it is a welcoming message for the first day of school, a congratulatory mention of the successful school sports teams or an announcement of a fundraiser or other event, this board is one additional way of communicating with students, parents, teachers and the community. Simplicity is a key value.

Changeable message signs for Schools in Fort WorthIf it were difficult and time-consuming to change the message, you would eventually stop using this part of the sign, which is counterproductive. Thus, we have come up with an easy solution. By limiting color choices to amber or red, you can shake things up at the drop a hat. Built-in images and animations make the software user friendly. To highlight certain words or messages, simple change the character heights from five inches to something a bit taller. It is this easy! You can change the message with a broadband or DSL-connected computer as well as a phone modem.

Getting Started is Easy, Too!

Invite our friendly signage experts to visit your school property for a site evaluation. Whether you are replacing an existing sign or placing one there for the first time, we can offer you valuable input with respect to height and width measurements. We will help you select the right colors and assist with the drafting of the facing’s message. After we handle the permitting, manufacturing and installation process, you are left to enjoy the beauty and functionality that this marker adds to your school’s communication, wayfinding and branding systems.