Stand Out Art Piece-Monument Sign

Stand Out Art Piece-Monument Sign

Have you ever seen a Monument sign that is more like an Art Piece? They are great for brand building and your business and help get your brand noticed by the consumer. The visibility of an art piece monument sign for potential customers passing by will get you noticed! It has the potential to stamp your property and or business as a stand out business and property!

Dixon at Stonebridge Apartments in Fort Worth thinks so! Cowtown’s expert builders, together with the Dixon Apt management, created and installed this beautiful monument signage

dixon Art Piece_2

It was made using 2 inch aluminum square tubing. The Cowtown experienced technicians poured the concrete pillars and then mounted the structure with masonry anchors. An LED light fixture was installed n the middle of the sign facing upward for effect.

Art Piece - Fabrication (1)
Not unlike channel letters, which can also get noticed, an art piece is something to consider if you want your business and brand to stand out.

Cowtown has a Listen-Think-Solve process. We work with building owners, contractors, architects and property managers to ensure their monument signs stand out!

Art Piece - lit Dixon NIGHT

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