Finding Your Way Around Using Wayfinding Signage

Finding Your Way Around Using Wayfinding Signage

Did you know that 61% of consumers failed to locate a business from the lack of signage or even bad signage, according to the Sign Research Foundation.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, there is a solution and it’s called Wayfinding Signage. Do you know what Wayfinding Signage is? 

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Wayfinding and/or directional signage—according to SEGD“…refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance      their understanding and experience of the space.”
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Wayfinding signage is a great marketing strategy for any business. It alleviates customer complaints while gaining consumer confidence and could even increase your business!

We posted a Video below of Cowtown examples of the businesses we’ve helped in creating and installing wayfinding signage. You can add a logo, a motto or even your company’s mission statement, all of it contained up in your wayfinding signage. It’s a great marketing strategy for your brand and business.

Cowtown’s team of expert advisers, sign builders and designers will listen to your needs and will work with your team of engineers or designers and together, come up with exactly what your business needs are with regards to directional/wayfinding signage.

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Click on Cowtown’s informative YouTube Video below for Wayfinding Examples: