Don’t Forget These Often Forgotten Business Signs in Fort Worth!

Don’t Forget These Often Forgotten Business Signs in Fort Worth!

At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we are not just signage professionals. We are also customers and clients of businesses all across the Fort Worth area. While we are out and about, we cannot help looking at business signs Fort Worth retailers, bankers, doctors and merchants are using. One day it hit us: forgotten signage! We have noticed that there are three markers that companies routinely forget to add to their lineups. Do you know what they are?

Evacuation Maps

Evacuation maps Fort Worth

Doctors are most conscientious about putting up evacuation maps. Retailers, in contrast, frequently forget these markers. They give you a “you are here” dot and allow you to take in a blueprint of your surroundings and available escape routes in case of a fire or other emergency. Granted, most shoppers do not look for the presence of this map when visiting a retailer. That said, it is a good policy to post them and then call attention to these maps. They allow retail employees to help customers to safety and prevent panic in your store. Our professionals have done plenty of these maps for a wide variety of businesses; it is easy to customize this product with your particular venue’s layout in mind.

Counter/Register Point of Purchase Signs

Point of purchase signs Fort Worth

Retail chain stores almost always have variations of point of purchase signs that identify hot deals and suggest secondary purchases. Smaller retailers, boutiques and specialty store owners are more likely to forget about adding them. The science behind point of purchase signage is solid. This type of marker assumes the sale, puts the shopper into the mind of someone who has already purchased the item and now suggests what other products would enhance the enjoyment of the initial good. Other signs highlight an action shot of the product with a sales notice. Again, the idea is to assume that this product is something the consumer needs. Imagine what you could do with these signs! Mount them as posters, place A-frames and hang up similar markers around the store.

Exterior Flutter/Windflag Signs

Windflags and Flutter Flags Fort Worth

The most forgotten types of signs in Fort Worth are flutter and windflag signs. These go on the exterior. They capture the eye, create a buzz and raise the expectation of deep discounts, specials or sales. In addition, they are fun! Your flags could be imprinted with your company’s name and logo. Perhaps there are special discounts that you want to advertise. Other businesses have begun placing their new products onto flags. Of course, there are also patriotic flags for special occasions and vertical banners that flutter in the breeze. We enjoy seeing these products fly in front of gas stations and mini marts. They sure catch the eye and divert the attention from competitors that are nearby.

Ready to Correct an Oversight?

Do you notice any of these forgotten signage solutions that is absent from your venue? We can help you woo more consumers and turn shoppers into buyers with these types of products. Invite us over for a site evaluation. We gladly discuss signage placement as well as any other products that you are still without.