Senior Gets Amazing Parking Lot Space Graphics as a Gift From Father!

Senior Gets Amazing Parking Lot Space Graphics as a Gift From Father!

Parking lot space vinyl graphicsThe professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs serve the businesses communities of Dallas-Fort Worth area – until we are called upon to do something completely different. While we are not strangers to installing school parking lot graphics in Fort Worth, the facilities usually require us to place a handicap parking sticker or a designation of a reserved spot for a member of the faculty. Well, this was our usual expectation until we heard from Johnny Powell. A proud dad to a senior student at the Canterbury Episcopal School, he looked forward to his daughter’s rite of passage that included painting her parking space.

Hours of Painting

It took the student a bit of time to find the parking spot that she could paint. Unfortunately, there was a mix up and the painting that she spent six long hours creating was painted over by another student. Not surprisingly, this senior was frustrated, sad and devastated that her senior year was not getting off to the start that she had envisioned. This is when dad stepped in and saved the day. He had seen that sign companies install specialized parking lot graphics for other purposes. So why not hire a company to install his daughter’s senior year graphics on her space? Cowtown got the call. Could we do it? Would we? You bet!

Parking lot vinyl graphics Fort Worth

Usually, these parking spots are difficult to paint – in part, because they have been painted over so many times. But that would not stop us. Working off the pictures sent to us by the proud dad, he enthusiastically approved our first draft. We came out to the school and with the permission of officials involved, we installed the full parking spot graphics. They include a congratulatory message from dad, her status as a soon-to-be graduating senior, gorgeous splashes of color, motivational messages and travel postcards.

Parking lot vinyl lettering Fort Worth

The student was so happy that she hugged our installers who have never been thanked quite so excitedly by a customer before. Even the dean of students has been impressed with the look of this parking spot. This is going to be a great senior year for this student, and we wish her the best for her future! With a dad who has his daughter’s back like Mr. Powell and an education received at a renowned school like Canterbury Episcopal, she has a bright future ahead of her for sure!

Need a Vinyl Wrap for a Special Item?

So yes, occasionally we do something that is not business-related. Of course, if you are a business and have a need of parking space vinyl graphics in Fort Worth or its surrounding areas, please call us! Stripes, handicap parking spot designations, traffic-regulating signs and even advertising messages are the graphics that we are commonly called to add to the asphalt of a parking lot. Our clients include schools, malls, shopping centers and property management companies in charge of apartment buildings. If you are unsure what your graphics could look like and how they would assist you with marketing or branding, talk to our friendly experts. We gladly sit down, sketch out some options and also discuss the use of color that will tie in to your logo and feature attention-getting brighter hues.