Safety Signs and Guidelines

Safety Signs and Guidelines

Safety signage requirements started in 1914 with only the most basic danger and caution signs for the safety of workers in the workplace. It wasn’t until 1918 that the (ANSI) American National Standards Institute was founded. They are a private, not for profit organization whose Mission statement is “To enhance both the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguarding their integrity.”  

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Safety signs are everywhere now and for good reasons. There are exit signs and DO NOT enter signs. There are DO NO TOUCH signs. Currently, businesses of all sizes are ordering Social Distancing signage, asking the patron or visitor to please allow 6 ft of the distance between yourself and another person. There are safety stickers, building signage, inside or outside the building. Safety sign wall murals, and safety window signage.   Bio Hazard Signage Resize-1There are DANGER signs that warn us of imminent danger! Some signs stop us from entering a building or stop at an intersection. Caution signs that tell us something is too HOT, or flooding in that area. Hazardous Voltage safety signs warn us of electrical shock!

The Purpose of Safety Signs

Safety signs are in place for the safety of the public and for workers in the workplace. Safety signs are messages for spaces, places, or buildings.  They communicate messages of safety, that give instruction or direction in how to stay safe. Safety signs warn of possible dangers.

Colors Used for Safety Signs 

There are many safety signs for various safety reasons and has a color code chart for the various safety signage. 

Red is used for Danger or Stop.

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Yellow is used for Caution. 

Orange is used for Warning.

warning ORANGE

Green is used for Safety.


Blue is used for Information. 

hurricane-43880 BLUE

BlackWhiteYellow, or a combination of Black with White or Yellow is used for boundaries.

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Magenta or Purple on Yellow is used for Radiation Caution.

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Fluorescent OrangeOrange—Red is used for Bio-safety.

 Bio Safety Sign

When it comes to the guidelines of safety signs, Cowtown Signs has designed and installed many different types of safety signs throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. If your business needs safety signage, our expert team of advisors, designers, and installers can assist you. Call Cowtown Signs for your proposal today – 817-446-6000