Refacing Your Signage: A Great Marketing Strategy

Refacing Your Signage: A Great Marketing Strategy

Did you know that “… Signage trumps radio, internet and newspapers.”? according to research completed by (Kellaris, Ph.D. & Womack, 2014) pg.5

Watch the Cowtown video below as our experienced team of technicians update and reface McClain’s RV Superstore Pole signage. McClains’ RV Superstore is located in Burleson, Texas.  They have a thriving business selling Recreational Vehicles. One of McClain’s marketing strategy’s is to use signage for advertising. They understand how signage is a reflection of their business but don’t take our word for it. Read on to get a greater understanding for reasons why this is so important.

Based on an annual survey completed by BrandSpark in collaboration with academic partners in UC’s Lindner College of Business, with insights from consumer in all 50 states regarding strategic signage, here is what they found:

“I have made quality assumptions based on a store having clear and attractive signage.” Four year avg. = 38.5%”  “ … [said] YES”

What Makes Signs Difficult to Read? (Kellaris, 2013) pg 14-15

#1 – The letters are too small (83.3%)

#2 – The placement of the sign makes it hard to see (71.4%)

 #3 – The sign is not sufficiently lit at night (63.6%)

#4 – The color of the letters does not stand out from the background (60.3%)

 #5 – Digital signs change the message too fast (52.6%)

#6 – The letters use a fancy font (47.8%)

#7 – The letters are spaced too closely together (35.6%)

#8 – Sign looks very similar to others nearby (34.4%)

#9 – There are distracting visuals on the sign (31.7%)

Which category does your signage fall into? Not sure? Cowtown Graphics & Signs can assist you with refacing or replacing, or just updating your sign. Our team of designers, experienced sign builders will listen to your concerns and needs and guide you every step of the way. What are you waiting for?

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Cowtown Video for McClain’s RV Refacing Signage by Cowtown Graphics & Signs