Putting Your Brand on the Wall: Office Art Is the Here and the Now!

Putting Your Brand on the Wall: Office Art Is the Here and the Now!

Enter most big-box office supply stores, and you are led to believe that wall art for Fort Worth is either an inspirational print or little more than a landscape. In truth, you have so many more options!

Wall Graphics Showing Your Brand or Logo

Wall Graphics for Brands and Logos Fort Worth

This recent trend is quickly catching on among those who like the idea of a contemporary look. Modern art does not always present defined shapes and scenery. Instead, it is a combination of colors and shapes that join to create a visual presentation. Incorporating your branding or your logo is easy when commissioning wall graphics. We can work with the style elements of your symbol or company name.

Taking inspiration from the design and color scheme of your website presentation, our graphic artists easily put together an arrangement that takes up as much – or as little – wall space as you like. By the way, this is an excellent design choice for a narrow hallway where framed wall art is simply not a realistic decorative touch.

Framed Posters

Custom vinyl posters with brands and logos in Fort Worth

When you value the power of inspiration, framed posters may be an ideal office wall art solution. Manufacturers use this opportunity to display the products they make in various stages of completion. This makes for a great series of five to 11 individual prints. Chronicling your company’s history in this manner inspires newer employees as well as the old-timers who have been with the business from the beginning.

Sometimes, framed posters do highlight the beauty of nature as well as the amazing cityscapes of the locations where your company operates satellite offices, manufacturing plants or distribution centers. Transforming an architect’s drawing into framed posters is an excellent opportunity to beautify a conference room wall and remind investors what the greater long-term plans of the business really are.

Wall Murals Showing off Your Brand or Logo

Wall Murals showing brands and logos Fort Worth

The difference between wall graphics and wall murals rests in the size and scope of the artwork. While graphics may take up a portion of the wall up to entire space, a mural is usually intended to cover the whole wall. Displaying your company’s motto, tag line and/or customer care creed are frequently chosen motifs. In some settings, the use of an artistic rendition of the building – complete with exterior signage and company colors – makes it easy to incorporate your logo and business name.

At other times, the use of nature scenes turns a warehouse space into something a bit more attractive. Examples include the use of a forest backdrop or an ocean scene. Occasionally, the use of human images reminds workers and consumers of the company’s mission and of the importance of the product. Doing so underscores brand awareness as well as name recognition. In the case of workers, it also helps with business philosophy buy-in.

Ordering Your Office Wall Graphics for Fort Worth

The professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs understand that visual branding solutions include the types of wall art and graphics that incorporate your business information even as they advertise your company. Contact us today to get started on the type of customized artwork that beautifies your space but does not neglect to market the business.