Prevent Accidents with Facility and Safety Signs for Fort Worth!

Prevent Accidents with Facility and Safety Signs for Fort Worth!

Facility and safety signs Fort WorthDo you manage an apartment complex where a pool is one of the amenities that the tenants enjoy? How do you protect your renters from injuries and your management company from liability? If you run a manufacturing facility in the area, what steps do you need to take to minimize one-the-job injuries and accidents? Facility and safety signs for Fort Worth businesses and multi-family residential areas are necessities!

What types of signage could you chose?

OSHA Signs

Governing the majority of workplace safety rules, OSHA signs are mandatory warnings that compliant employers have to display in certain areas. Choose the markers that apply to your particular industry. For example, if you are in a business that includes the use of hazardous chemicals, you need different warning signs than a company that deals primarily with heavy machinery. Chemical hazard or machine safety signs would be the best choices in thee examples.

Construction Site Markers

Construction safety signs Fort WorthConstruction sites are dangerous for visitors as well as workers. If you must admit visitors, set apart a path that keeps them out of harm’s way as much as possible. Choose signage that clearly identifies where visitors may enter and walk as well as the areas that are off limits to anyone but employees. Workers need to be made aware of hard hat zones, where protective gear is mandated and also where eye-washing and first aid stations may be located.

Building Hazard Signs

Even within an apartment complex, school, hospital or other commercial building, there are some dangers where the right signage can help with the prevention of accidents. Slipping and tripping signs point to dangers along stairs and uneven walkways. High voltage signs and forbidden entry markers keep unauthorized persons out of the boiler room, the electrical panel area and other parts of the building’s basement or maintenance departments.

Warehouse Safety

Is a warehouse part of your property? If so, you probably also have a loading dock or at least a shipping and receiving area. Warehouse safety signs caution employees as well as visitors to be on the lookout for forklifts, engage vehicle safety lights and sounds before moving and report any improperly placed packages to the supervisor on duty.

ADA-Compliant Wayfinding Signage

ADA Signs Fort WorthOf course, helping workers as well as the general public to navigate potentially hazardous locations is another task that these markers fulfill. ADA compliance ensures that visually or cognitively handicapped onlookers perceive the message as well as those who do not share the disability.

The list of appropriate markers that can make your facility a safer place goes on. Contact the experienced signage professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs for a review of your existing markers. Are they adequate to protect visitors to your facility? Do they effectively communicate messages of safety? Do you have the right kinds of signs in the most crucial areas? Invite us out for a site evaluation. We highlight the areas that are properly set up as well as some potentially hazardous places where you may have to rethink your markers. We can help you completely overhaul your sign setup, add just a few markers or completely start from scratch.

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