Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ Adds Exterior Panel Wayfinding Signs!

Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ Adds Exterior Panel Wayfinding Signs!

Located at 6102 West Pleasant Ridge Road, the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ serves the local community and ensures that there are programs for the faithful of all ages. Multiple worship services add convenience to those with hectic schedules. Additional activities and outreach programs make great use of the property. When it came time to add some signage for wayfinding, the faith community contacted the experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Exterior Signs for Churches in Arlington, TX

Wayfinding Signs for Churches Arlington TX

We started out with a monument sign panel for the event center. It features black on white print, which makes the writing noticeable and easy to read. It allows motorists and pedestrians to locate the entrance to the facility with ease. To ensure that guests would always find plenty of parking at the building, the church also asked us to add a parking lot sign identifying the reserved spaces. Once again, the group chose black print against a white background. This makes the marker stand out even when the parking lot is busy in between the two Sunday services.

Making Local Landmarks Stand Out

Parking Lot Signs for Churches Arlington TX

Faith communities of all types quickly become local landmarks. They are known for their long history in the community and their outreach programs. In addition, many of the properties associated with churches and other faith communities become local neighborhood activity centers that groups can rent out or where outreach programs invite in the neighbors. Wayfinding is a crucial aspect. Making the signage stand out is therefore important. Yet even here, you have options.

  • Aluminum panels. When you take a page from the playbook of the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ, you might opt for a white aluminum panel with black print. The information is easy to read and ideal for wayfinding in even the worst rainstorms.
  • Metal lettering. If there is already a monument in place, consider the addition of metal lettering. It looks attractive, adds a bit of historic flair to the signage and lasts for a long time.
  • Monuments. The monument is the kind of signage solution that aims its wayfinding message at motorists. By jutting out a bit from the property, it allows drivers to see the location of the venue and allows for safe lane changes. We recommend the use of these signs for churches in Arlington, TX, and its surrounding areas.
  • Building signs. Another important part of wayfinding is the right signage on the building. In some cases, faith communities are renting out facilities from other similar groups. Even in this setting, it is possible to add temporary signage for the times that the church is meeting. High-quality banners make it possible to temporarily cover other church signage and display your information.

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When you are ready to add wayfinding signage to your group’s property, contact our graphic artists for more information. We work with you to discover the right look, message design and display options. We handle the permitting process, the manufacture and the installation.