One-Stop Guide to Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

One-Stop Guide to Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

Pop up displays for Fort Worth Trade ShowsAre trade show pop-up displays for Fort Worth venues – and beyond – really worth the investment? Couldn’t you achieve similar success with a mix of elements? Here are the answers that the insiders frequently don’t want you to know.

Backdrops Matter More Than You Think

Trade show pop-ups are the canvas that ties together your show presentation. If it is a haphazard collection of backdrops and props, your entire display loses its cohesive quality. In fact, plenty of booths have failed to make a good first impression because they consisted of a hodgepodge of design elements. And making a good first impression is not something you get a second chance to accomplish.

Pop-up Displays Come in a Variety of Shapes

The basic display is the set of three rectangular wall pieces. So, what do you do when you want to stand out from the crowd? Choose the curved display! A gentle curving takes the place of the straight or angled backdrop. The curve is a bit like the friendly hand on the shoulder; it eliminates the sight of competitors and welcomes the attendee. This is an excellent option for the newcomer to the business niche as well as the established company.

You Cannot Brand Too Much

Trade show pop up displays Fort WorthShould you keep the back of your trade show pop-up blank – for example, you might choose a color that complements your logo – or should you customize the look by imprinting your company’s name and logo and perhaps also a motto, tag line or highly popular product? If you want to stick with the single-color backdrop, you are wrong! Trade shows are all about the creation of brand awareness and name recognition. If your backdrop is not talking about your company, you are missing out on an opportunity that you might not get a second time around: impressing a potential client or customer.

High-End Displays Are the Way to Go

If you consider the custom-imprinted curved backdrop setup as the baseline standard for a small display, then the gull wing or serpentine display is the way to go for the times that you can commandeer 20 feet of display space. Could you show up with two 10-foot booth setups? Sure, but why? Again, it is all about making a great first impression. The business that invests in a large gull wing display represents itself as a thought leader within its niche; it is clear that Trade show backdrops Fort Worththis company expects to be around for a good long time. In contrast, the company that shows up with the combination of two smaller displays says the opposite.

How We Can Help

At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we know it can be confusing when you sit down to plan out your trade show displays. Presentations are worrisome in the best of times but even more so when you have to make a great first impression and are not sure what your budget can handle. Talk to our experienced trade show display artists. Unlike the insiders, we readily spill the beans and gladly share our expertise with you. Find out what works, what does not and how you can put together a presentation setup that wows the attendees.