Must-Read: 2 Examples of Custom Lobby Signs in DFW

Must-Read: 2 Examples of Custom Lobby Signs in DFW

The lobby sign is one of the essential branding and marketing solutions that you put inside your office space or storefront. Make a mistake here, and you fail to capture the attention of the consumer. Worse, your shoppers may not even remember the name of your venue to recommend to others. However, this scenario does not have to happen to you. Cases in point are these two examples of custom lobby signs in DFW.

Case Study 1: DMA Solutions Impresses with a Metal Sign

Metal Lobby Signs DFW

We consulted with our client to put together a metal sign that would pop. We started with a brushed aluminum backer panel that measures two feet by four feet. For the lettering, the client selected quarter-inch-thick acrylic that we painted in the firm’s brand color of purple and green.

Metal Panel Lobby Signs DFW

For the installation, we used satin standoffs. However, there was a bit of a twist. The wall surface to which we mounted the product was made of ceramic tile that was treated to look like wood. Our technicians used diamond drill bits and plastic anchors to handle the task without causing any damage to the surface.

Case Study 2: Precision Compression Brands with an Industrial Look

Perforated Metal Lobby Signs DFW

To set the tone for the lobby of Precision Compression, our client asked us to create an industrial look that still had a certain chic. Once again, metal was the material of choice. We started with a perforated metal border that we attached to a brushed aluminum backer panel.

Perforated Metal Reception Area Signs DFW 

The look is industrial but has an undeniable tech chic. For the corporate identity, we used laser-cut acrylic letters. We relied on the same technique for cutting out the style elements of the logo symbol. Our technicians paid close attention when assembling the sign to ensure that the spacing of the individual components was perfect. Finally, we mounted the marker with brushed aluminum standoffs. 

Create the Look You Want with Customization

When you work with experts in the field of sign creation, you do not end up with a generic lobby sign that everyone else has. Both signage examples exemplify what happens when you opt for customization. Not only do you have the option of presenting your brand in new and innovative ways, but you also succeed in creating memorable pieces of wall art that combine functionality with excellent space use.

What are Common (and not so common) Options for a Lobby Sign?

Start the process by picking out your desired look. Options include the lobby logo board and dimensional letters. Boards typically consist of metal or acrylic. Letters can feature the same materials as well as PVC, sign foam, or even wood. Of course, when you want the best of both worlds, you might take a page from the playbook of our clients and commission a board with dimensional letters, too.

Installation methods typically consist of flush-mounts for letters and standoffs for boards. However, some clients’ letter designs call for the creation of impressive displays of light and shadow. In these cases, we use spacers that give the illusion of floating letters from the front.

Illumination is a design aspect that is getting more popular. More and more business owners ask us to incorporate lighting into the mix. Doing so turns the lobby sign into a work of art that becomes the focal point of any wall area. Technicians can hide LEDs behind a board or in between a panel and push-through letters. Another option is the installation of scaled-down channel letters.

Have these examples of custom lobby signs in DFW piqued your interest in learning more about your options? The specialists at Cowtown Graphics & Signs can help. Contact us today to find out how we can translate your brand message into an eye-catching lobby sign.