Looking for Billboard Skins or Prints in Fort Worth?

Looking for Billboard Skins or Prints in Fort Worth?

Did you know that a billboard is actually only the frame and substrate? The actual message that grabs motorists’ eyes, provides your company information and entices passersby to become shoppers is called the “skin.” Billboard skins for Fort Worth businesses take on a number of looks.

PVC Protects from Sun Damage

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When you invest your marketing dollar in a long-term billboard display, having the material fade due to direct sun exposure is a common problem. We have found that the combination of durable PVC and high-quality UV-resistant ink creates the ideal display. Not only does the sun have little impact on the signage; even wind and rain are no matches for the durability this product provides your company.

Aluminum Doesn’t Rot

If you do business in an area where wood signage and other materials fall victims to rot and insect damage, choosing aluminum is an excellent alternative. The metal does not rust and insects have no interest in it. It handles all kinds of weather conditions. By selecting lightweight aluminum, you may also choose billboards that are situated in unusual but high-traffic locations. For example, fence-mounted frames easily accommodate this type of product.

Going from Structure to Window Display

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Imagine seeing your company’s message displayed not just on a billboard frame but instead on the side of a building. One of the most eye-catching marketing displays is the building wrap. We use perforated vinyl that is self-adhesive for this type of product. The skin print displays all of your marketing information. We install it to ensure proper seam continuation. Some of our clients have had excellent success by combining this marketing product with a smaller version placed on a traditional billboard structure.

Getting Started on Your Order

Our specialty printer easily accommodates all types of billboard prints in Fort Worth. We work with you to discover the most advantageous display setup for your message.

  • Substrate selection. Choose the right substrate to display your skin. We help you to make this decision by finding out more about the conditions where the billboard structure is located.
  • Display. We work with you to put together the graphics and lettering. Playing around with horizontal or vertical displays can lend a completely new emphasis to your message. We also discuss the color palette that you like us to use. For example, when you consider the building wrap, light colors are better than darker ones.

Some billboard companies make it sound like you have to rely on their skins for the advertising message to be displayed on the structures. This is simply not true. Moreover, you do not have to employ the company’s installers to put it up. When you see billboards with mismatched seams and fraying edges, you know that this is not the type of job that you want to pay for.

By selecting your trusted local signage shop instead, you ensure that you get the quality that you want. Cowtown Graphics & Signs is just a phone call away. Our technicians are standing by to discuss your billboard design, handle the manufacture and do the installation.