Lonestar Resources Makes Its Mark with Free-Standing Monument Sign

Lonestar Resources Makes Its Mark with Free-Standing Monument Sign

Lonestar Resources is a company with a nationwide presence. You find its corporate headquarters at 600 Bailey Avenue in Suite 200. This is a new address and now positions the company in the 7th Street district near Fort Worth’s downtown area. As a leading independent oil and gas company, Lonestar is famous for its unconventional leasehold of about 62,000 new acres. When it came time to make sure that investors, visitors and anyone else wanting to do business at their headquarters could easily locate the company, the management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs to create a visual branding solution in the form of a monument marker.

Free-standing Monument Signs for Fort Worth TX

Free Standing Monument Signs Fort Worth

The bottom of the monument features shiny black acrylic. We picked up the color again in the gray top portion of the sign’s facing. There it displays the company’s name and iconic logo with the famous red cattle head that gradually changes color to black. We perfectly matched the website’s logo display. The combination of red and black on gray is sophisticated, hints at the trade the company is in and stands out from other signage in the area. Motorists now have no trouble locating the building with Lonestar’s offices.

What does a Monument Sign say about You?

There is more to installing a monument sign than meets the eye. In fact, it fulfills three basic functions.

  1. Announces your presence. If you are doing business out of a multi-story office building or out of an office park where your building signage is not easily visible from the street, the monument announces your presence at the venue.
  2. Hints at your niche. The combination of colors and symbols greatly enhances a customer’s brand awareness. Lonestar chose colors and symbols that clearly show oil to be its trade. Other companies may include symbols depicting tools of the trade or tag lines to achieve this goal.
  3. Captures the eye. If you are doing business in an area where other companies are also set up, you need to compete for the attention of consumers. This is particularly crucial in the medical and retail fields. The monument stands out – quite literally – and therefore commands notice.

Can the Sign make a Difference?

Yes, it can. Consider that a big box retailer with multiple locations across the city is not just in competition with other retailers but also its own brand. If there is no monument sign to signal to motorists that it is time to change lanes, a shopper just drives on to the competition. This means a lost sale for your store. If your store does not meet its sales goals repeatedly, it is possible that the overseeing management team will simply choose to eliminate your location. Protect your business by heightening its visibility with a sign that is easily seen by drivers as well as pedestrians.

Ordering a Monument Sign

Contact our professionals today to discuss the design and manufacture of monument signs in Fort Worth, TX. We work with you to select the right material, colors and facing display. In addition, we handle the permitting process as well as the professional installation of the completed product.