Learn the Benefits of Channel Letters for Businesses in DFW!

Learn the Benefits of Channel Letters for Businesses in DFW!

Cowtown Graphics & Signs is the local business community’s go-to vendor when professionals need channel letters for businesses in DFW. What makes these signage products so overwhelmingly popular? What are the benefits that so many company owners reap each day that the sign displays on their facades?

Accurate Depictions of Your Fonts and Corporate Colors Create Exceptional Brand Recognition Opportunities

Benefits of Channel Letters for DFW Businesses

Our technicians use aluminum to shape the letters into the signage products you commission. Doing so gives us excellent control over the detail work associated with the process. This setup ensures that you see your chosen font correctly displayed in larger than life lettering on a building’s front. Because current and prospective customers will see it, too, on your website and print ads, name recognition and brand awareness are going to be quick. Color accuracy is another vital aspect of the process. We provide you with a color match that is perfect. Once again, your clients see the same tones that they may have seen online or in print. The combination of font and color presentations will, therefore, become an integral part of your brand message.

Heightened Visibility Options for any Setting

Popular types of channel letters DFW

By virtue of their construction, channel letters jut out from the façade’s flat front. These three-dimensional elements may stand out as much as two to five inches, which creates an eye-catching display. Letter heights contribute to the imposing nature of the signage. A 15-foot tall letter is easy to see from about 150 feet away but remains readable for about four times this distance. Go bigger, and your customers can see the information from farther away. (Our technicians help you decide on the ideal sizing by conducting a site survey and factoring in the speed of traffic in front of your venue.)

Lighting plays another crucial role. At this time, you have four distinct options open to you.

  1. Front lit letters allow illumination to escape through the elements’ colorful fronts. This is by far the most frequently chosen option.
  2. Reverse lit or halo lit products let the light escape through the back and reflect off the wall substrate. The subsequent halo presentation brings sophistication to the setting.
  3. A combination of front and backlit letters allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Add additional LEDs to make up for illumination loss.
  4. Open face letters display neon lights and translucent acrylic for a retro look that appeals to certain types of companies.

Broad Range of Installation Options Makes the Product Suitable for a Variety of Facades and Wall Types

Flush Mount Channel Letters DFW

Installation of the letters directly to the wall is a favorite of clients. But some management companies stipulate in their lease agreements that signage installations must curtail the number of holes you drill into the façade. If your business has one of these leases, we suggest the use of a raceway, which is a slender box containing the electrical components. We paint it in the same color as the façade, which makes it blend in perfectly. Next, we mount the letters to the front of the box, which heightens the 3D appeal of the product.

In some situations, clients prefer a different color background. We can accommodate your ideas by using a PVC or acrylic backdrop that we paint in a color, which complements the façade as well as the letters. Doing so can provide you with a much-needed color contrast.

How to Order Channel Letters for Businesses in DFW

Channel Letter Signs DFW

When you are ready to capitalize on the many advantages that channel letter signs provide to your company, discuss your design requirements with our experts. We serve business owners in and around Fort Worth, Dallas, and the Texas Mid-Cities. Call us today to get started on your project!