JB Gross Insurance Receives New Monument Sign Lettering!

JB Gross Insurance Receives New Monument Sign Lettering!

Located at 1703 Santa Fe Drive, JB Gross Insurance is your go-to solution for dental, health, long-term care or life insurance. Other products include vision benefits and employer insurance plans. When it came time to refurbish the company’s monument sign that helps motorists to safely pull into the parking lot, the management team contacted the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Monument Signs Lettering for Weatherford, TX

Monument Signs Lettering Weatherford TX

JB Gross Insurance has an attractive brick and mortar monument sign. It features stones in multiple sizes that display sand tone hues. The problem arose when the lettering began to fail. One by one, letters became illegible or simply fell. When our technicians arrived, we worked with the company’s management team to select the right font and lettering style. After manufacturing letters in a darker color that contrasts the lighter sand tone of the monument, we installed the new lettering. Once again, the sign advertises the presence of the insurance agency.

Lettering Has a Huge Impact on the Impression Your Sign Makes

Missing and broken letters look unprofessional. The same is true for signs that are missing lighting components. Consumers equate a well-maintained sign with a company that cares about its reputation, appearance and customers. A sign that does not look well cared for eventually turns off new customers. Before long, you are only seeing your regulars walk through the door.

Lettering also has the power to breathe a new attitude into your venue. Plenty of our signage-refurbishing clients ask us to change the overall feel of their business with little things such as the lettering or the signage materials we use. For example, when you previously used foam letters but want to stress the upscale appeal of your company, consider the use of metal. For the company that seeks to emphasize its fun nature, bright and bold acrylics are the way to go.

In some cases, it is possible to change from the lettering to a different display option altogether. With some adjustments to the actual monument, it is possible to add box cabinets to the structure or even an electronic message board. Other lettering replacement options include channel letters or sandblasted facings.

Commissioning Your Letters

Contact our professionals for more information on the broad range of lettering products that can turn your outdated monument sign into a marker that actively brands and markets. We routinely design, manufacture and install monument signs lettering in Weatherford, TX. In addition, we are very active signage refurbishing professionals who do not see a reason to tear down a perfectly good sign if it just needs a little work.

This process saves you a lot of money and has a tremendous impact on the way consumers perceive your business. If you are uncertain whether you should commission a new sign or simply new lettering, call us. We visit your venue and inspect the sign. If it is still in good repair and has a lot of life left in it, we can draw up some sketches to show you how a simple refurbishing project and the addition of new letters can make a big difference.