How Important Are Parking and Traffic Signs in Fort Worth?

How Important Are Parking and Traffic Signs in Fort Worth?

Parking and traffic signs Fort WorthDoes your property need parking signs? Fort Worth fleet owners know that there is no other locale that is as likely to result in vehicle damage as the parking lot. The folks at Auto Parts Warehouse have put together an info graphic that details the problem. Citing insurance data, they reveal that 13 percent of accident claims result from fender benders in parking lots. Black Friday in particular is a dangerous day. Out of 277 pedestrian injuries, 126 happened in the parking lot at work. Automotive Fleet Magazine points out that 20 percent of accidents involving fleet vehicles happen while parking.

Don’t Skip Parking Signs (and Traffic Signs!)

When it is your parking lot where these types of accidents occur, you are on the hook with respect to liability – unless you take measures to protect your business. Perhaps the most effective means of regulating the flow of traffic in a small or even large lot is the installation of visual warning signs.

  • Stop. Where rows intersect and pedestrians cross over, install stop signs. They prevent vehicles from driving around the rows at increased speeds.
  • Traffic Signs Fort WorthYield. Who will have the right of way in your parking lot? When you remind drivers to yield, there will be far fewer who insist on their right of way.
  • Handicap parking. Designate certain parking spots for disabled motorists and their caregivers. By taking these spots off the table right away, drivers will not circle near the entrance to your venue, which also assists with pedestrian safety.
  • Specialty parking. Motorcycles and bicycles are at a higher risk of being hit in a parking lot. Keep these drivers safe simply by allocating specialty parking for them near the entrance to your building.
  • Crosswalks. We recommend the installation of crosswalk signs as well as corresponding floor graphics. Make it clear where you want pedestrians to cross, which helps to prevent them from darting out in between cars.
  • Notices. At the entrances to your parking lot, post notices that require drivers to reduce their speeds to one that you deem safe. If your business frequently attracts families with children, post another notice that prohibits children from playing in the parking area.

We Can Help!

Parking Signs Fort WorthWhen you are ready to install these types of parking signs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, business owners have plenty of options. You can stick with the traditional look of traffic signs or you might choose to have decorative signs made that get across your message and incorporate the personality of your business with colors and shapes. The latter signage is particularly attractive in a smaller lot.

By the way, consider that the light poles on your lot make excellent mounting surfaces. If they are not placed in such a manner as to regulate traffic with signage effectively, it is possible to install stand-alone poles or opt for post and panel signage setups. Keep temporary signage on hand as well. This comes in handy during parking lot sales and for Black Friday as well as other high-volume sales occasions.

At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we understand that you cannot afford to leave parking lot safety to chance. Contact us today for a site survey, which allows us to put together a comprehensive signage package that turns your parking area into a well-regulated vehicle lot.