How Cultural Graphics Can Improve Employee Retention

How Cultural Graphics Can Improve Employee Retention

Employees are leaving companies at a rate that is higher than ever seen before and replacing them is becoming increasingly difficult. Employee retention and recruiting are one of the largest problems that companies face right now.

We spoke with Kevin Bond, an HR consultant who has done recruiting for several Fortune 1 companies in the US. Mr. Bond told us “Historically speaking, industries would cannibalize other companies within their own job families, however, with the pandemic, industries are starting to cannibalize other industries outside of their job families which is creating an overall job shortage of candidates who are specifically tailored to certain job families.”

Thankfully, there are steps that managers can take to boost employee morale, and keep high retention rates among their workforce. 

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Creative office signage, symbols, and graphics provide an outlet for creative expression while promoting the company brand. They can enhance employee morale, highlight organizational values and create a culture of empowerment, all leading to increased business results.

What is it about? Creative office signage is anything that you put on walls in your working spaces to communicate a message to your employees. Keeping employee morale high helps to increase your retention rate.  Signs can encourage creativity, improve office morale, and inspire office productivity.

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How does it work? Cultural office graphics are a physical reminder of your cultural values. They brighten and enhance an otherwise dull workspace, improve employee confidence and satisfaction and give employees the tools to make independent decisions. You’ll see increased energy in the workplace, improved problem-solving skills, and greater motivation among employees when you invest in cultural graphics for your business. 

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Why is it important? Across the country, companies are using culture as a competitive advantage to inspire employees and help them thrive. Culture makes your company unique and helps you stand out from competitors. To keep your employees engaged, creative office signage that represents your company is key. When you put up morale-boosting symbols and imagery, employees feel more motivated to work hard for you. 

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 This ultimately leads to increased results and greater revenue for your company. Mr. Bond also told us, “Ensuring company culture is put first and foremost will make companies much more attractive to prospective candidates because, as a result of the shortage of workers, the company is not necessarily interviewing the candidate, the candidate is interviewing the company.”  It is a candidate’s market, similar to a buyers’ market in real estate. Cultural Graphics can make a lasting impression on candidates, that will set your business apart from the other companies that they are interviewing with.

Cultural office graphics give employees a creative outlet, while also empowering them with the tools they need to make independent decisions. This shows that you trust them and creates a culture of empowerment. They allow you to communicate messages in a unique way, but more importantly, they connect to working with your company. When employees have a sense of purpose, they are more satisfied and therefore more likely to stay at your company.