How Are Vinyl Wall Murals Fabricated and Installed?

How Are Vinyl Wall Murals Fabricated and Installed?

Our business clients order vinyl wall murals to beautify their spaces and underscore their branding messages. The combination of colors, images and style elements easily achieves this goal. In addition to being excellent wall coverings and marketing tools, these products have the power to transform the look and feel of your Dallas/Fort Worth office or storefront virtually overnight.

The Design Consultation

How are vinyl wall murals made and installed

After you contact us to commission a wall mural, we visit with you or your management team to work on the design. In some cases, business clients are looking for a specific image such as a nature scene or a landmark. After a quick look at our available stock images, the selection is made.

In other cases, the client wants to put together a look that includes artwork and other information that is germane to the business. This may result in a collage of digital photos, graphics and text that we incorporate into the mural. For example, when you are thinking of having the story of your company told over the progression of a hallway wall, you would include old photos as well as explanatory text.

Measuring Twice and Cutting Once

Vinyl wall murals for DFW

Once we have succeeded at creating the right sketch, and you give us the green light to proceed, we measure the walls and mark off areas where we need to make cuts for doors, windows and switches. To produce excellent wall murals for DFW companies, it is imperative that we measure with the greatest care. The resulting look gives a seamless appearance that fits perfectly into the designed space.

How are Vinyl Wall Murals Made in DFW?

The manufacturing process begins with a digital print run. We use the highest-quality vinyl, which ensures the longevity of the mural and the continued brightness of the colors. Since we have invested in top-of-the-line printing equipment, you can be certain that each color match is true. Depending on the size of your venue and the size of the desired mural, we may print several vinyl sheets that we then carefully roll up and number for the installation.

Professional Installation

Vinyl Wall Graphics for DFW

We do not subcontract our installations. When you do business with the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs, you deal with our graphic designers and installation technicians directly. Our installers will measure the walls again and then prepare them. Depending on the makeup and overall condition of the wall, the installation may be a two-day process. On the first day, the wall prep takes place while the mural installation occurs on the second day.

Then we return and install the numbered sheets according to manufacturer specifications. Doing so protects the products, keeps your warranty intact and prevents the formation of unsightly bubbles or mismatched seams. Once the installation is complete, we wait for you to conduct your final inspection. When you are satisfied, we leave. So go ahead, call our mural experts today to learn more about the product and how it could fit into your space. By the way, we do more than just interior wall murals. We also do those for the exterior as well as extensive floor graphics. Call us for more information!