Hospital Signage in Fort Worth: From the Emergency Room to the Operating Room!

Hospital Signage in Fort Worth: From the Emergency Room to the Operating Room!

Hospital Signage Fort WorthHospital signs for Fort Worth clinics, in and outpatient facilities serve three distinct purposes:

  • Identify destinations for patients seeking care.
  • Provide warnings and cautions to workers.
  • Contribute to the ambiance of the locale.

Whether you tour an emergency room, operating theater, maternity floor or any other area within the local Fort Worth hospital setting, there are signs galore. If it is your job to update the existing signage or commission some markers for the very first time, Cowtown Graphics & Signs is here to help you.

Here are some of the most commonly requested marker types:

  • Wayfinding signs. Choose overhead or wall-mounted directional signs. Use them to identify the locations of commonly sought after services with arrows. Other examples of wayfinding signs include wall maps and building directories, both of which can be mounted to the wall or displayed in stand-alone informational kiosks.
  • Hospital directory signage Fort WorthFloor graphics. Identify the route to the intensive care unit or to other locales where friends and family members of patients may wait to see them. Floor graphics are also an excellent opportunity to brand your clinic.
  • Wall graphics. Murals and decals take the place of framed wall art. When you have a large wall space with curves and edges that do not make it easy to come up with a beautifying scheme, opt for wall graphics instead. These are particular popular with the children’s hospital wings of clinics.
  • Safety signs. Within the hospital setting, safety messages may take the form of stand-alone signs, such as “wet floor” warnings, and cautions, like the notice to wash hands for a certain period of time before entering the neonatal unit.
  • Banner stands. Advertise your latest fundraising events with banner stands. In addition to getting out the word about events as the hospital, these markers also assist with branding.

With so many signage opportunities, it is a good idea to also note possible product solutions that may fulfill requirements we have not previously discussed. We have already touched on some product options, but there are still others you might choose from.

  • A-frames. Used for safety signs, these sandwich board markers are also great for advertising community wellness classes. Customized printed vinyl inserts identify the names of the classes, room numbers and start times.
  • Ambulance vehicle vinyl lettering Fort WorthPosters. Choose posters when standard banners cannot do the job. Posters can be framed for long-term display or attached to the wall directly for short term function.
  • Vehicle graphics. Ambulances and other vehicles associated with your hospital need to be properly identified as emergency vehicles. At the same time, they should support the name recognition of your facility. Full wraps as well as lettering assist you with achieving this goal.
  • Point of purchase signs. Identify the types of payments that your facility accepts. These point of purchase signs allow patients and their families to make their payment choices well in advance of reaching the cashier.

Of course, you are not at all locked into these signage choices. After all, there are also wallpaper and window decals, monument signs and illuminated facility markers on the outside as well as plenty of other signage options on the inside. Talk to our experienced health care facility signage experts to discuss all of your signage needs – and their solutions.